1388Kaylah, Bud and Gwen6516_300423630310899_8955050506036831192_nOur granddaughter Kaylah, her Uncle Bud and Aunt Gwen at Kaylah’s Graduation Party in July.

In the beginning there was five; a mother and father, one daughter and two sons, my brother who turns 71 next Monday and me who turns 64 in late November. He and I are the only ones left in that handful of family.

Bud, my little brother in size anyhow, has become the mirror image of our Father.From the leather hands, to the mannerisms and walk, it is scary in a way. Even knowing he is not into computers and may never see this, Happy Birthday, Bud!

Also, thank you for being an inspiration to work hard toward being a success! You’ve always been someone I could talk to who did listen. It was like you knew of my warped way of looking at the world without judging me; the brother everyone wants!!!

Being a few years apart it’s not like we had double dates. While it sure was fun for me riding to school in your Austin Healy…those bucket seats pretty much sitting on the ground…no heat, so in the winter pulled an Ace Ventura Pet Detective to see…but the best was when you’d tell me to ride the bus home at night on those warm spring days, cause you had to give ‘someone ‘ a ride home. Well, how pissed were you to find me sitting in the passenger seat, even better, how pissed was ‘she’ when I rode straddling the stick shift, as you drove her home, then pounded on me all the way home plus all those haymakers my arms received during chores!

Just part of the training to become ‘The tuff son-er-bitch I be today, with a double row of tits, one on each side’!!! Kinda like our daddy described himself way back when!!

Happy Birthday, Bud!

My Farmer and Me –Time is Just Flying By

14479730_331137837239478_8649244184869787883_nSweet Treat Marks the End of Another Season…

Where has the summer gone? I remember thinking back in May, how nice the longer days were going to feel, with the warm sun, a sense of ‘whew, winter is behind us once again’… Seems like yesterday, yet here it is , 4+ months later; shorter and shorter days, cool evenings, and a sense of ‘oh no, winter is just around the corner’.

Have pretty much gotten all there is left in the garden. Because of the garden flooding not once, or twice but three times, pickings were not very fruitful, but am thankful for what we did get. Have some potatoes left, and some tomatoes; didn’t get any carrots, beets or lettuce, and very few cucumbers, which Ed eats as soon as they are picked. Did get some cabbage and cauliflower, though, and peppers did okay.

Oh well! Really don’t understand why the days seem to fly by as I get older, seems like they pass faster and faster. So much I would like to do these days, with cooler evenings. Clean up the garden, paint some of our buildings and just generally spruce up around here. Still have corn to finish and help Jeremy get his done, in return for helping us. But that is how it should be. Farmers helping each other, family or not. We are just fortunate that it IS family; what a perk…

So I suppose I will pick some more raspberries tomorrow, at some point, and maybe they will make it to the house and maybe not. Maybe I will just sit on the Bejosh bench and have a treat. Of course I will share with Ed (if he is within sight) and then will go about our day. One thing at a time…time… it flies by.

Out To Eat…Advise!

eating cows
Some Bejosh Farm Ladies!  Enjoying this season’s Hay!
Now, just so everyone knows, I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! Where as eating every day, that I’ve done! To the best of my knowledge, 2 or 3 times a day, my whole life!
So these are pointers for anyone with intentions of starting an eatery or may have one now; this comes with over 60 years experience…
Lets start with taste, Man I don’t care what it looks like, make it taste good. Forget the spritz of this…twig of that…places just so on the plate! You can slap it on a paper plate; keep the fluff and give me more with taste!
Now the place you’re puttin’ this good tasting meal on (table)! Make it bigger than the damned plate you just sat on it! What about my elbows? It’s cold so got my wookie on; it’s not like I’m home and just throw it on the floor. I’m out in public…gotta’ look the savua-fare thing! (Gosh, hope that is right)
Then there’s my feet, size 12, kicking every other leg, stepping on toes. Rubbin’ knees with someone other than Carol! When you place these trays on a stick around the room, leave a road between them not a bike path… Looks like row houses. I live in the country, open space, back forty-forty acres, that is…
So to recap, plane Jane, good tasting food served on paper at a big table for all my junk, with plenty of leg room to stretch; get comfy relax, hmmmm, kinda sounds like home, don’t it?  So that’s why ya go out to eat! Not so bad after all. Home – Comfortable – Home!

Record Time–

Team Work is Great!

We started filling the bag last Wednesday, the 21st and finished up on Sunday, the 25th. A record here at Bejosh. Of course it is the first bag we have ever done but it’s still a record…

On Monday we closed the bag up per directions, hopefully until next late winter-early spring.; not sure yet cause still have two fields – strips of corn left, maybe 8 acres! Had two plus loads left in field when the bag was full, so we started another pile. May trade/barter some of what is left with Jeremy; will see what happens.

Had a big tree fallen in one of the fields left, so want down and moved that, hoping the predicted rains move out on Tuesday, which they did.  So finishing up corn here may be only a couple of days away, then with the light frost we had here on Monday night we can start Jeremy’s soon. We both have a long to do list, like most everyone,before seasons change.

Lets pray our breakdowns are minor, the weather acceptable and the harvest continues to be bountiful…

More Thoughts to Ponder…

1410Ed2450_315920425427886_6606656872206219834_nHey there…

If you just got your Oct. 2016 issue of National Geographic, did you catch yourself flipping it over or peeking inside the front cover? I admit I did…

In light of recent events, should the word protest be changed to informational gathering to promote more results, not more of the same?

If you’re diabetic like me and the first two ingredients listed are high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup, does your sugar spike???

Is email, texting, tweets, Instagram and the like just the format for the formation of a personal video game in a world with an eight second attention span?

The job/office cubicle is the human equivalent to a crated dog. Why I live this life and my dogs are ‘free range’! Free range eggs, anyone?

If someone eats horseradish can they still call themselves vegetarians?


Road Trip!

14440beanie-and-sadie661_330535173966411_5295543411711476177_nGot room under there for me?

Going north on Route 22, just past the junction of county 68 east, on the right you’ll see ledges rising up close to the road to approx. 130 feet above road level…Now if you have ever been on …I think it is Route 60… coming north in Hamburg, Pa. area, where you pass over 274 (I Think), look up to your left on those ledges and you will see a Cabelas!

Light flash!!!Living in one of New York’s depressed rural areas, why not? Cabelas is an investment which in time brings not only jobs but many support businesses with it. I’ve been to the flagship one in Kansas City, it is awesome… the one built just up the hill east of Wheeling, W.Va. is still being up around. What a contrast you see heading east! At the bottom of the hill is Wheeling; old run down brick buildings…even witnessed people with signs asking for change at a red light… Drive to the top and Cabelas is surrounded by Bob Evans…one of my favorite breakfast destinations…etc…

So why not Cabelas as a destination – day trip – weekend event!!!???

My Farmer and Me…The Pumpkin

kindnessI have an overwhelming feeling of doing good today…

I was just down to our little veggie stand to check on what was left and looking every thing over, I noticed one of the smaller pumpkins seemed to be getting soft so I was going to bring it up to the house to put out as a decoration. While I was standing there a car had pulled in and a tall nicely dressed young man got out and asked how my day was going.

I said it was going well and asked how his was…He said he has had a tough few days, but seems to be doing better today, and was very excited to find Zucchini and pumpkins. Now, I don’t have a lot of veggies at my stand but he wanted two large squash and two large pumpkins and seemed to be relieved that he found them.

Was kind of hard to get a word in, as he seemed to have something on his mind and I was just kind of waiting for him to get to it. As he was talking to me, he referred to me as ‘mam and told me why he was in the area.

It seems he has been ‘home’ for a funeral of a friend that he grew up with and to squeeze in some sight seeing and exploring back roads in different locations before he headed back. He had been thinking about an elderly ( I think he said  94 yr. old) woman he was going to stop in and see in Massachusetts, spend the night there and get back on the road in the afternoon. She writes to him quite a bit and has promised him some Zucchini/Pumpkin bread to take with him.

At that point, my grandson went by, drawing a wagon full of silage to put in the bagger and he said that must be someone special because I lit up when he waved! Imagine a stranger noticing that…I explained what we were doing and that Jai gave me the afternoon off and he took over my job. Said how much that must have meant to me, and that he misses his family, who have all passed on except for some cousins that he isn’t sure of anymore.

I really don’t know how he came to stop at Bejosh today, but I wished him luck and a safe trip home. He carried the large pumpkin to the car and I carried the 2 zucchini and put them in his trunk for him. When I walked back past the driver side of the car, I noticed a military uniform hanging on the other side. I asked him and he said he was in the Navy and had to head back to sea on Wednesday. I thanked him for his service and he replied by saying ‘thank you for your service to our country as well.’ Then he added’God Bless all the Farmers.”

As he got into his car he said he would be back around the middle of March next year and with any luck we’ll talk more. I gave him one of our card and he said he would look up our website when he gets back.  All I know is his name is Adam and the license plate on the car was Maryland. As quickly as he pulled in he was pulling out. Headed for Rte 22 and Massachusetts I suppose.

Oh, and I refused his money for the veggies. I said just give me a hug and be safe and he promised he would…I hope he makes it back for that talk!