Little Shit-heads…

20292974_4little darlings82970155389578_780626319424335055_nFor all those who are so happy for those kittens Carol brought back from the Open House — May I invite you to come and stay over night!!!???

At least once every night those two ‘so pretty little kitties’ will use you as a toy while lying there in bed!!! You’ll hear them galloping across the floor, scampering onto the bed, to pounce perhaps on your hand…Better yet, your face, then as you grab a pillow to hide under, they dive down under the covers where those little shit-heads attack your feet!!!

I have even worn socks to protect my feet from those little claws…doesn’t help!!!

So for everyone who is sooo happy we now have these two night time werewolves pretending to be kittens, please come visit…no spend the night…and you play guinea pig!!!

Damn their claws are sharp;speedy little lasers !!Zipping across the room, over the bed…I am dizzy plus sleep deprived! At my age youngsters in the house is an ‘aaawww shit-head in your hands, did I do that’ moment for sure!…Cute little shit-heads!!!!

***(Carol) I figure if they are bothering him they aren’t bothering me…Guess I need a kitty crate they can sleep in…on second thought, just make Ed sleep in a different room!!!! No worries, friends…we will figure it out.

***Regardless, it is a cute photo of the little darlings!!!!

Dumped on…

new baby20294236_482387662114494_6614947873483383163_nSunday night we got dumped on with a heavy downpour, making thoughts of mowing more hay just that, THOUGHTS!! So Monday became a hodge podge of many different endeavors.

A big one was to draw six loads of manure I had stockpiles in the bump wall area in the free stall. This area gives me flexibility to clean the free stall daily while only having to spread it in the field on a twice a week time frame in busy times like during hay and corn harvesting.

While drawing manure I let the cows run in all of their pastures, true free range, all gates open! Why? Well because with me cleaning up they were locked out of the free stall; keeping them away from their feed…

This free range idea figured would give them plenty to eat till I was done! We have all heard the grass is greener on the other side…Well, Jayda and Sweet Pea agree! I had finished the manure spreading part, changed back to the feed bucket on skiddie and even gave them fresher feed!

Then, still sitting in a non-running skiddie listening to sports talk on the radio about trade rumors involving Yankees, I yelled to the cows to come…Come bossy…I saw they were starting to file in the barn, went back into my daze listening to the radio intending to shut gates after they were all in!

Most likely Daisy or Drupie will be last and that would be my cue, all in!! Unexpectedly, a red car stopped, pointing up the road, saying there was a cow walking slowly down the road. As I walked over I could see Jayda slowly plodding down the middle!!!

I yelled her name and her ears perked up as she began walking faster! In the car the lady started to laugh as she asked if they all had names…did I know them? At the time, my answer was just a simple yes, I’ve always got a couple that push their boundaries, and her reply was, oh just like kids, as she pulled way over to the far side of the road and slowly drove away…

Now , while writing about this adventure I’d say their even more intense than kids. I have never gotten a cow grown up enough to take out the garbage, make their own bed, clean their room, make a sandwich for their own lunch, walk the road by themselves certainly not after dark, get a license or a job, sometime their quite mouthy and can even be dangerous to be around…

So over all I guess she was pretty much right, they are quite similar!!!

***We also had a new baby today, Cootie had a little bull all on her own. Another cow wanted to mother it, but Cootie finally took charge. After she dried him off my Farmer brought him in the calf barn. (Carol)

My Farmer and Me…Run Mongo!

Ed just came in to get me while I was getting his breakfast and he wanted me to come out and watch what Mongo does when my Farmer feeds him grain…

I guess he gets a bit of exercise before his meal of grain and the other 2, Peeps and Tor are just as happy to walk at a casual pace and get their’s!

Who says animals don’t have attitude and character?

They say I do my Best Work at Night…

1421Ed in blue2613_318411338512128_2509461036581121103_nLike me, everyone out there has had those nights; tossin’ and turnin’, arranging pillows, throw the covers off then pull them back on!

When finally crawling out of bed it’s like you just worked a double shift! In my case my Mr Fixit side does the overtime…

Like last night all those breakdowns had me pretty much down by day’s end! My head works on problems over night until I’ll wake with a  plan of attack!

This time it was Carol’s tractor, the truck and a leaking waterer in the free stall, kinda like pulling an all-nighter with a thirty pack!! Anyway, I awoke with a plan, looked pretty rough! One of those ‘rode hard and put away wet’ looks.

Regardless, you would have been proud of me!! Right after morning milking and before breakfast I crawled under Carol’s little blue tractor, tool in hand!!One  half inch tool and removed the piece minus of course, the lost nut!

Crawling back out from under the tractor I took the part into the shop over by the big toolbox, took some measurements then, with the proper instrument from my tap and dye set I re-threaded the shaft when to my nut storage bin and found an old nut of the right size..John Deere Vintage!!!

And how do I know that ?     Why the green paint of course!!! Next with the pride and nut in hand I crawled back under little blue, grabbed my one tool, the half inch and replace the newly threaded piece held in place with one John Deere green snug fitting nut!!

Job well done before breakfast, thanks sto a long night of preparation and a lot of ‘I think I cans’!!

My Farmer and Me…changing a waterer.

Our larger cow waterer in the free stall decided to leak this a.m. around the fittings at the water source…my Farmer has wanted to get the larger one out anyway, to replace with a smaller one. Since we no longer milk 100 cows we really do not need the large waterer.

So he got it all disconnected and out of there, then repaired the fittings and put new clamps on the inlet…Took only a few minutes to get this one connected, up and running…glad it happened now and not in January  10 degree weather…

Awww, Shucks!

20155619_4Morning glory79791239040803_1790150711124130088_n

In the last couple of days of this summer from hell, it has been breakdown time.The first ‘this sucks’ was the farm truck which we just had new brakes (pads) put on ; now it has sprung a leak and even new brakes don’t work without brake fluid!!! It still sits where Carol and Tucker…grandson…discovered no brake pedal!

What is scary is I had just used the  truck to go up to a field , make a repair and come back to the farm; down a hill with a stop sign at the bottom and they had worked fine…

The next thing was Carol’s tractor which I was driving of course,is now sitting out by the shop until we can get a new part…hopefully on MondayWhat happened was I took her tractor up to rake hay and when pulling the lever back into neutral after backing up…it just flopped around, leaving the tractor in reverse.

This lever only changes from forward, neutral and reverse. so I was able to take the transmission out of gear with the other shifting lever so…I got out and pushed the rake out of my way, then I was able to back the tractor all the way back to the shop where with it shut down was able to find the problem!

A nut has come off a swivel point that rotates a metal plate with grooves for the forward, neutral and reverse positions… The threads on the part where the nut is missing are pretty beat up so we will replace with whole new part…

This forced me to fire up my 4020 and go rake that hay!!!Surprise, I didn’t fuel up, just went straight to the field and on my last windrow just about 40′ from being done my favorite tractor started the putt, putt, I am out of fuel!

As I shut her down I knew full well the battery would not have enough cranking power to get her going again! After fetching fuel and a chain, Jeremy pulled me 20′ then 5′ more after I turned the key back on!!! (oops)

The old girl spit and sputtered her way back to normal in a couple minutes…

When getting back to the farm finally, finished unloading last 2 wagon loads of hay! With all wagons empty for tomorrow let’s hope this’ Mr. Fixit machine’ has played itself out for today…

Someone had that saying about variety…well for me variety sells a lot of ice cream but I’ll still order coffee…

***Morning glory in the door way to the milking parlor, nice sight first thing in the morning… Incidentally, Ed has already repaired my tractor, and I used it to rake hay this  a.m..(Carol)


My Farmer and Me…A checkup!

Otis and Ophelia had a doctor’s appointment yesterday for a checkup and also to get their 1st feline leukemia vaccination and 1 other routine inoculation.

As you can see in the first photo they were a bit apprehensive at first but then gave in and started purring and going in and out of the small crate; they were content as long as I stayed within their sight…much like a real baby at the pediatrician!!!

Three weeks ago they weighed 1 1/2 lbs, and this time they were both at 2 lbs and 15 ounces, even though Otis is smaller than Ophelia when you compare their size.

They go all over the downstairs now, and have found some different sleeping places. The dogs like to keep up to them but they are too quick for them most of the time! In the other photo, Minnie is keeping her eye on Ophelia as she sits on the foot stool.

Our other cat Shivers, gets fed on top of my dryer so the dogs don’t bug him and Otis has figured out how to get up there, too. Ophelia hasn’t, so she just sits on the floor and cries until someone puts her up with him.

Have been very happy to have them here, a source of entertainment and much kitty love. I will try to get another video soon and more photos.