Busy Week…

Face on a jug..._nIt has been confirmed…our seed corn order is a lock…we’ll be planting between 35 & 40 acres this spring…

Also have a new set…yes, all four…of skid steer tires! First time we had 4 new ones all at once since the skiddie was new six years ago…

These events coming about thru diversification…a gravel sale to a near by winter job…Thank you Jim…come again any time!!! With the milk price down to $15.70 per hundred weight for January milk this unexpected job was an answer to our prayers.

Our first load of balage came yesterday…should last till around the first of April…Balage is hay somewhat still wet, baled up into those big round bales and then stored in a plastic wrap ( which is what we got) or put into one of the tubes similar to what we bagged our silage in.

I knew my haylage would be gone by march so this plan has been in the works for a while.

…As Carol told every one Destiny had an IV this week and is coming along great…

With some warmer weather this past week I have most all of the piled up manure from the real cold in early January spread now…a few chunks left! Am on the second field since started the big shit cleanup and that’s almost covered.

Finally, other than normal daily chores and repairs, we cut down the big cherry tree on Sue’s lawn…Found some big hollow spots throughout and with the right kind of wind she might have blown over…

With as dried out as this tree is and some others left still to cut that are also dead, looks like we’re going to make it thru with all furniture in tact!!! Didn’t even have to break up a chair for kindling!!!

***While going down to the receivers this morning, Ed looked up the stairs and saw this jug that Sadie had chewed the label off from…just here and there…So another game for you…what do you see in what is left? Ed sees Hannibal Lector!!!!*** Carol sees an alien!***

My Farmer and Me…Lovin’ Destiny!

Destiny and Me_nI have been feeding Destiny for the past few days…giving my Farmer a break of sorts…

The cutie has been having a tough time and hasn’t been eating the way she should. Jess, our son, came and ran an IV of fluids in her on Thursday.

Yesterday she drank much better with each feeding and was even better today. I have given her some grain and she likes that too.

Destiny has become our little project, trying to make her thrive and be healthy…having an off day is typical of calves, especially our Swiss. They can be very stubborn and temperamental…

On the plus side she hasn’t shown much of those traits but has been soaking up the attention she gets and this morning as I was talking to her while she was jumping around she walked right up to me ( I was sitting on a bale of straw in her pen) and put her little nose up to my chin.

I had time to get my camera out of my pocket and do this selfie, which I do not normally like to do… just wanted to show everyone what a bit of attention can do for the animal/human relationship. It is such a great feeling to know that maybe I made a difference in this little one’s life.

My Farmer has done a great job with her thus far…Swiss are his cow of choice…and his special care has gotten her to this point!!

Destiny is a sweet baby girl…I will take calf kisses any time.

One of these…

13029699_249160225437240_6871435714794701876_oKt1111 asked why the big nut juice craze, in place of good old milk. She sees it on cooking shows with celebs raving over it!

Having thrown this one around in my head for probably three days, first my thought was better marketing!

But on cooking shows chef’s not knowing nutrition wise nut juice falls way short compared to real milk!

That is when the reason jumped up and slapped me! Shows need sponsors most likely with almonds being in California; then Hollywood and celebrity endorsement!

Can everyone say agenda? Sounds quite similar to processor and retailer connection in milk!

We should know by now those in entertainment and sports know best or at least they’re paid that way!!!

You’d think after three days I could have come up with something more than power, money and agenda…but that’s my answer and I am sticking to it!!!

****all these  heifers in the photo are now Momma’s. Sophie, Destiny’s mom was the last one to have her baby….****


behind the barn _nI still remember shipping milk in cans! Sammy Niles picked up our milk for years…About once a year he’d bring a can back and attached on the handle would be this card with the words ‘odor’ or ‘dirty’.

Sammy would always say “strain it again and I’ll take it tomorrow.” We did…he did…they didn’t come back again!

Then, first rumors that the creamery where we shipped these cans was going to close! Many farms were still shipping in cans around here at the time. To many of them they said to close down!

Shortly after the news came…no more cans! Get a bulk tank or else! Lots of angry farmers said they can’t do this…I’m not spending all that money…gotta make the milk house bigger!

I know where a lot of those little milk houses once stood but they’re not there anymore. Only proud foundation stones now playing the part of grave markers where once hard working farmers sent their product to market one feeding…one feeding many…

Nor are the barns that held the cows…teams of horses, maybe some sheep, most likely some chickens, quite often a hog…someone in town kept a boar…kinda like people…everyone’s related!!

Next thing you know some flatlanders moved in and bought up many farms! High rent land wars…short lived beef and crop operations…Some had money; they got the farm at the top of the hill!!

Some farms became like little towns turning old friends into enemies. Tough times brought smaller numbers…yet bigger numbers!

Now you’re based on so much $ per cow…Many open shelled structures now stand empty or now store ‘stuff’ not cows…some become homes for society’s discarded pets…ferrel cats, homeless dogs…or that wild animal just trying to survive like the now gone Farmer.

Each new generation came with more debt and more time needed for other things…less farms…more cows…more people…a herdsman…crop manager…crop crew… barn crew and YOU!

Less cows… more people… yet still first one in, last one out! Yeah!  I remember a few cows, a goat, no horses, sheep,some chickens, peafowl, too. Three Brahma bulls! Yep, first one in and last one out…

I write this as four years way below cost of production prices combined with markets: processors walking away from farmers with no place to turn are forcing more farms to become part of a history repeating it self!!!


My Farmer and Me…Sadie is sent to Free Stall…Naughty Girl

Sadie_nOh yeah, she may look angelic just laying there and all…But she has been very naughty today.

I was running an errand which meant I was away for about an hour or so…when I got back I could hear the calves mooing like something was wrong! I went into the barn to check and sure enough there was a problem…

Typhoon Sadie had hacked her way through…one end to the other…there was sawdust every where…grain tubs that get stacked at the end were in the gutter and/or walkway!

But the one thing that really got her on my naughty list was the fact that the little snot had opened the gate into the manger and was playing the old ‘goat head butting game’!

The calves were terrorized (no, not really) but 3 of the bigger ones had gotten loose…probably because of the head butting and they just kept pulling back on their neck strings until they broke. That in itself told me she had been at it for a while.

So because Ed was spreading manure, I took it upon myself to remedy the situation. First I had to get the calves hooked back up…no easy chore. One Swiss, one Brahma cross and one Holstein were enjoying their freedom.

After getting my hands pinched and fingers twisted I was successful with getting them back where they should be. Gosh, they are so strong!!!

By this time Sadie knew she was in trouble and just stood by the sliding barn door that opens to the outside…yeah, she was looking for her escape opportunity!

I gave her the bad girl, naughty goat speech and opened the door…she couldn’t wait to go hide in the free stall barn. She had to go all the way around the barn, parlor and holding area but she knew where to go hide!

Needless to say I had an other half hour or so of cleanup before I went in the house to think about supper!

Since my Farmer hadn’t invited me out to a quick meal at the closest restaurant for Valentine’s Day…ha ha!..I took some chicken stock out of the freezer and by our normal supper time I had a tasty chicken noodle soup all ready for my valentine!

Sadie spent milking time in the parlor with us and then was banished to the free stall…the cows will keep her company for a couple of nights!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our friends and family!!!