Sometimes being by yourself is exciting…sometimes not so much!

Willie has been free to roam all summer after my Farmer let him out of the calf barn, his winter home. He is basically alone…

Ethel, the sleep walking chicken has not been seen since last Thursday…am afraid she got taken by some varmint or other…she was too trusting.

Perhaps we baby our animals too much. Perhaps it isn’t natural for some to become pets and most of the time, friends of humans. It is a hard lesson, but one that is appreciated.

Last night I found Willie in with the chickens…there is one spot where the netting is missing on the top and he flew in on his own…then got back out on his own, too.

Perhaps looking for another friend to take the place of Ethel…or to just not be alone! We all need a friend.

If you are out there Ethel, please come home…

Ethel and Ed_n

Happy cows and Harvesting

Tried repeatedly to post this last evening but kept losing the internet…I know it isn’t of the best quality but for some reason I wasn’t too steady!!!

Chad and Jordan are trying to get the corn done…it is hard when Chad has to keep a full time job and still wants to keep Bejosh going…Jordan is a senior in high school but seems to be here every free minute he has.

I try not to micro-manage them so I only help when asked. I think that will be a true test as to the long term…lots to be done.

Another sunny day…

Grandma's Blessing and daisy_nThere are some Grandma’s Blessing roses still blooming along with some daisies. Ed had told me to try to have fresh cut flowers (preferably shades of purple) in the house as often as I could because he knows they tend to put a smile on my face…And yes, he was right.

I bought this bouquet (below) the other day and every time I walk by it I think of how my Farmer knew me so well…and smile!

flowers n

And…I got a message saying I needed to put up a photo of Minnie…OOPS… I did take one and intended to put it up on the last post…

Minnie _n

She is a great companion if you are feeling lazy and tired…she has earned it!!!



Keeping busy…

cards n

Am sorting through the cards and letters Ed/we received after Ed’s diagnosis…a bit overwhelming to say the least. Thank you to Carolyn Bishop for the lovely card boxes for saving them in. I have more to go, but this is a job that will take some time for me.

I still intend to do some sort of display thing with them all…just haven’t decided exactly what yet.

I also have a room to finish and put back together….my daughter and son-in-law finished the floor that I started (SEE Photo)

Floor is finished _n

I thought I was doing a good job, it looked okay anyway…but after talking with Tony the other day about it I figured it would be best to just let him have at it. I am certainly glad I did. It came out very pretty and added a homey touch to the room.


I have gotten a request for dog photos and info on each one individually.

Since she is the oldest, I decided to start with Minnie. She is pretty much deaf and blind in one eye but still manages to get around well. She lets me know when it is time for the milk truck to arrive, even at the same time on days when it doesn’t come…we are every other day pickup.

She was born in one of the tractors…her mother loved to ride with my Farmer and the day she was born a friend had returned a piece of equipment and Ed had to stop what he was doing and talk with the man.

Emma, of course, stayed in the tractor to hitch more rides….she evidently was in labor for a spell before that because Ed glanced at the tractor and Emma was trying to climb out the back window with a puppy (Minnie) in her mouth.

Ultimately she dropped her on the ground and we quickly got her into her birthing bed and left her alone with the first pup. She had the rest without a hitch, but still wondered what, if any, injuries Minnie may have gotten as a result of the fall.

In the end, we figured she was fine but kept her anyway just in case. She said goodbye to her litter mates  and has been one of our companions for 14 + years now. Pretty much a house dog, she will only go out if I ask her to now.

Like the other three she was lost when Ed passed…the summer had brought many changes around here that they all had to adapt to. As of right now she keeps Lovey, Putz and Grissom in line.

I will post another dog story soon…then perhaps a cow???

Corn in the Bag…

bagger _n

After these three got the bagger ready, it was full steam ahead…they had fixed Jeremy’s wagon from yesterday’s first load…Jordan had put 2 new bearings in the corn head  and Jeremy showed Chad how everything worked with the bagger.

Then they unloaded the loads from yesterday and Jordan chopped more while Jeremy and Chad made sure the first few loads in were getting packed the way they should.

I was doing other things around the yard and when I went over to take the photos a nosey Swiss was bellowing for attention at the end of the free stall.She kept watching

Nosey Swiss _n me as I walked back across the road as if to say she was hoping for an extra bit of grain or something! Or perhaps she was making sure they were on track with chopping once again…who knows?




Oh, come on…

Sadie n_1

Uh-Huh…that would be Sadie after I pushed her out the door..

.I had left the door unlatched for Ophelia to come back in; all she does is push on it and in she comes.

Well, I heard the door open and close back up and kept on folding clothes. Next thing I hear is thud, thud, thud on the kitchen floor and Sadie sticks her head around the corner into the laundry room.

She was oh so proud of herself…had some M&M’s and ginger snaps but was hustled back out the door. However, I got the evil eye when I got her fully outside and the look of ‘Oh, come on now!!!

Ed would have had a good laugh!!!

Today was a day of trial and error with corn chopping…a bent chute on a wagon and broken chain on the corn head is enough for one day. Tomorrow is another day…hopefully a better one!!


More to be Thankful For…

Every once in a while people just plain do something so nice without thinking or planning…This is the case with this softball team that was raising money for the local little league fields where all my kids played ball.

My son-in-law Tony invited me to come to the fields and watch Maggie play and a nephew along with many friends also playing. It was under the lights and after 8 p.m. so I hemmed and hawed but finally decided I should go given the reason for the games (tournament).

I got there a bit early but noticed some guys walking around in Bejosh Strong t-shirts…as it turned out that was my daughters team (Who else!) and when they all got there they were all Bejosh Strong proud!!

***That is Maggie in the first photo and the entire team who yelled for Grammy to join them for a photo!*** How nice was that!!!???

more gifts...nAnd today I was once again the recipient of 3 special gifts…is it Christmas? Have I been asleep all this time??? Ha Ha!

No, I got special gifts from some more special people, like I did yesterday.

I have to say a warm and grateful thank you to Dolores Mabb for the book of Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief. She lost her husband in February and said it was helpful to her. I am sure it will do the same for me…sometimes the daily readings can flip what starts out as a rough day into a glorious one. Thank you so much!!!

I also received a hanging ornament with the butterfly and saying as the key chain I received yesterday…and another package contained a t-shirt with a photo of “my” butterfly in the centerpiece on the front. Beautiful!

Again, so much to be thankful for…wonderful friends…some anonymous… who have made this one month anniversary, if you will, of my Farmer’s passing a bit less sad knowing that because of the decision Ed made to post an honest and no holes barred blog of his Journey he has left us with friends I haven’t met yet.

And the most precious part of that is knowing these people care enough to take time from their busy lives to help me through this new Journey without my partner. All of those little gifts I receive have a special place in my heart. And it helps to know that they are a part of my new Journey and a good reason to push ahead…

Love to all of you and if the person (or people, I am not sure if it is just one person) who have sent the butterfly ornament, key chain and the gorgeous t-shirt wants to remain anonymous that is fine…just know that you are special in more ways than you know!