My Farmer and Me…Sad but going on…

love my farmerLast night he was restless…got up to write a couple of times.

I just read some of his journal that he asked me to…let me preface that by saying he and I  have talked a lot these past days about how hard this journey with illness is and how it affects him.

He has written some very moving entries in his journal that break my heart. So honest and to the point.

He says I need to write a book at some point about this journey. I can try perhaps but really don’t want to think about it.

Will try to make this a good day for him and see his great smile.

A couple of friends have checked in this morning to see how he is doing and I thank you.So onward James, as he tells me…it will be a good one…








My Farmer and Me…On the Road..Day 3

Today was a good day for driving…we went the rest of the way across Pennsylvania and most of Ohio…only about 10 miles from Indiana.

We got coffee and hot cocoa before hitting the road…we did stop at a truck stop for lunch.

Stopping at a rest area we did the selfie and I caught my farmer preparing to take a photo.

I told Ed he should probably be on a leash to go into the pet area but he didn’t want to. Then we got off the highway and stopped at this little store what had a bit of everything. We got an ice cream cone and Ed couldn’t resist a whoopee pie!!!

My Farmer has been quiet but emotional … I can’t imagine what is going through his mind.

I pray he has a good time and gets to see all that he wants to. He has been in a hurry to get out here to see Emilie so  haven’t really stopped to smell the roses.

Perhaps tomorrow we will do some sight seeing before we see Em  after she is done for the day. She has her own Veterinarian practice and she said she has a full day tomorrow. She seems very excited about our visit.

Once again Ed is asleep and I am playing with the laptop. Tonight it was a bit easier to get online and post. Hoping I will have something exciting for you all tomorrow.

Please continue sending positive thoughts our way. Take care everyone. More to come…


My Farmer and Me…On the road…Day 2

33367588_621484644871461_8710871482256850944_n (1)Today started out with a bite to eat and then a flat tire on a highway where everyone was going about 65 mph.

After getting a new tire and heading out again, we made it to Pine Grove where we had a sandwich and got a room at Hampton Inn.

Driving in the rain was making  me sleepy and Ed was ready for a nap.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day with nicer weather.  This computer is taking a bit getting  used to. With a pad instead of a mouse I keep moving the cursor as I type for some reason, and have to delete and retype over and over.

I am sure it will be easier as I get used to it. Well, I hope so!!!

My farmer is asleep so I guess it is time for a hot shower and bed for me. I look forward to tomorrow and getting closer to Indiana… Day 3…

Have a good night everyone…






The Journey — Day 23

Today marks the 23rd day since Ed was diagnosed with brain cancer and the 1st full day of our road trip west.

Yesterday we started out late in the afternoon and got as far as Scranton Pa. Today was kind of a wasted day for the most part.

We went to Crackle Barrel for a quick bite and then got on the road for what we thought  would be a day of good travel… rear.

It wasn’t in the cards…at noon we were on 81 South and bam…flat tire…driver’s side . rear. By the time I could get off to the side of the road where we felt reasonably safe the tire was ruined.

Call roadside assistance who came and changed the tire…then looked for a dealer who had the same tire to put on my rim…Well. ended up with a new one but not exactly the same.


My Farmer and Me…Getting closer..

lilacs and Ed_nTaking time to smell the lilacs…

We have quite a few lilacs around the house. Yesterday when we went out to make the video we both enjoyed them. A sure sign of summer ahead…

My Farmer is anxious to  get on the road. Yesterday I got some more things accomplished so we can get going tomorrow or Tuesday.

Also want to tell Maggie that I loved her post about her Dad. Love…love…love!