Nose-y Business–

13912looking-down-on-the-farm-824_305785976441331_2787059959344499319_nSome things in life you never miss using until they’re gone… In this case it’s my nose, well sense of smell, which in farming with animals and crops as well, can be very important!

With cows you can smell the odor from foot warts when milking…maybe a cow that calved a couple of days before might be ketotic and you can smell that many times, even before seeing other symptoms.

Or if you walk into the calf area the smell of scours would then make you look to find which calf has them…another calf barn smell would be ammonia, giving you a heads up on a ventilation problem.

Fresh cows get sores between the legs and their udder sometimes when they first freshen; their udder is usually large and you can smell the irritation.

A feed’s freshness has it’s own smell just as feeds going bad have their’s.

What I have noticed since my sniffer don’t sniff so much anymore, my other senses have gone into overdrive; I would say it is my sight, it is like you notice everything… If a cow is walking with her head down lower than normal or limping, breathing heavy, hear that ? She coughed…

So maybe sniffin’ just ain’t my thing any more, but I saw it coming and I heard it gt here!!!

Where Did All the Good Commercials Go?

1410Ed2450_315920425427886_6606656872206219834_nEveryone has heard them…the loud car salesman with the catch phrase–his commercials run multiple times an hour and sometimes back to back!They can get you credit regardless–even claiming to get dead people approved, which to me is no big deal…we’ve elected dead people in this country before and have many brain dead ones in public office throughout the country, at all levels today…

So, you stop in today, they’ll send you home in a new ride!…Right after that , a lawyer comes on and informs you how much you deserve if you’re hurt in a car wreck or maybe just slip and fall!!

Next it is for just a dollar, two guys will keep you in razors, ’cause those big companies charge too much…Then you’ll need a good nights sleep and this pillow will get you in deeper sleep faster, while keeping you there longer…plus a money back guarantee!!! Which to me sounds like a lead pipe…

This leads me to the new commercial that plays a ga-zillion times a day…yup, the new underwear craze!!! No more adjusting all the time…Not that I have been looking around keeping track but is this really a problem? Soooo…should I be embarrassed or envious? Maybe should just be thankful Carol isn’t going around asking everyone, “Where’s the Beef?”

P.S. Perhaps Ed listens to a bit too much radio while he is working.(Carol)..



My Farmer and Me…Independent Ms Beanie…

16830759_40beanie4113943275200_2816352881384652466_nBeanie is a bit on the independent side, no touching or at the most, very minimal human contact. She does love to follow me around with a bleat here and a bleat there, tho.

She is, I believe, perhaps 9 years old (yeah the memory is shot) and up until 2 winters ago had Cardigan for a companion. Cardigan was already here when Beanie arrived, but was accepting and friendly to her right away…let’s just say that Cardigan loved the attention from us, and us trying to be friends with Beanie kind of rattled her.But it all worked out, as it usually does.

When Cardigan passed, Beanie acted very sad but within a few weeks, she began to be my shadow once again, as the 2 of them were before.

Sadie and Beanie do not have a mutual affection most of the time. Sadie tends to run her off when she isn’t in the mood for companionship. Beanie seems to take it in stride and sometimes you can find them laying together somewhere, chewing their cuds.

Around here, most animals have the freedom to be themselves. However, if we end up with a ‘snotty’ cow or other animal, their stay is limited…don’t need any mishaps. Just try to learn what it is that makes certain ones unique and go from there…Kind of a Dr. Doolittle challenge!!!

Gotta’ Love it…

dsc00406It was as if you could see the snow shrinking away as small bare spots began to appear in the fields! Big, low spots turned into ponds, southern slopes became brown, most roofs shed their snow pack…All this in just two semi-warm days with the forecast of five days in the 50’s coming later in the week!

Not being a fan of winter, the thought of bare ground, mud even tickles my fancy! Shedding a layer of clothes, working without gloves…how about not having both a hat and a hood up!

With the wood pile getting low along with several heifers due to calve, not to mention my winter boots are just about wintered out…I can almost feel myself breaking out in a sweat!!!

Smooth Steering…

16831070_4jazmyn04957656524162_1274481296883971644_nThe photo is of baby Jazmyn–Jordyn’s 2 day old baby. She is much lighter in color now; she looked to be a shiny black when she was born. She is doing well with drinking and seems to have fit right in with the other babies in the barn…Momma is out with the big girls in the free stall barn…

So on to my post…Saturday afternoon after our son Jess got back from work, he was going to spread some manure for me, a huge help. ..First, though, he thought fixing the steering, or should I say the bracket that holds the steering wheel and allows it to telescope up and out of the way when you enter or exit the cab on our JD 4240, was a better idea while he had the time.

By day’s end, the cab was full of tin work, PTO handles, gauges, wire harness, springs, bolts, and nuts, just to name a few of the parts and pieces that had to be taken off to get to the bracket! But…the broken bracket was in the shop on the welding table, all back together , looking shiny and new!! Through the dismantle I helped some, but overall this was his fixit!!!

With nightfall already upon him, he decided to get up early in the morning to put it all back together, so he could still take his son Jeb, to his basketball game at 1.

And that he did the tractor started without a hitch, ran and steered fine and Jeb played a good game; but even more important, had fun while spending the rest of the day driving tractor spreading manure with his Dad…