My Farmer and Me…Sunshine!!!

Pokey_nWhile feeding my calves this morning, I looked out and Pokey was standing in the sunshine licking a salt block…very welcoming sight.

I am still having pain and spasms in my lower back and hip so still not feeling the best. It is frustrating because my Farmer so enjoys this weather but is having some problems with his right eye and depth perception.

He just came to tell me to call our doctor first thing Monday morning for an appointment…and that tells me it is growing worse.

We are hanging in there and  praying for a break from this bout of poor health for us both.

Will get back to posting more as soon as I can sit for more than a minute or two.

Enjoy this nice Spring day…

My Farmer and Me…Laying low..

The night before last I twisted my back/hip while feeding Gumby, the new bull baby…

Heating pad and Ice pack is taking care of it to a point…I did absolutely nothing yesterday…did more today…milked with Ed and fed my animals. Now I am ready for the heating pad again.

But first I thought I would take a couple of the cow’s photos…Bumply on left and Sophie on right.

Bumply is Kris’s mom and Sophie is Destiny’s.

Promise to write more soon…still cannot sit in the chair for very long…



***I had Carol take pictures of the trailer which will become an elephant…and my Raging Bull, a work in progress…background isn’t the best for the bull right now!!!***

While I started the day with the roundup of cows into the holding area for morning milking I noticed Holy Cow and June Bug, two of my Brown Swiss cows, in a very intent girl’talk’ on the wrong side of an open gate…. Seems these two ladies had spent the night carousing through the neighborhood!

As I stood intensely listening to their gossip-fest this is what I heard…

…They had left cow hoof print doughnuts on that lady’s lawn who walks that yapping little dog past the free stall every day.

…For that guy with that loud truck who drives by too fast…what if one of our calves was in the road, Holy Cow stressed!

…Well his garden now has plenty of fertilizer but may want to re-till and re-plant…oops!!

It was hard for me to listen without laughing on how they played chicken with early morning drivers headed to work….kicked at bike tires while they chased people walking their dogs…acting crazy and making bellowing sounds in an attempt  to scare their dogs!!!

…June Bug is offended by their poo right there where people can see it ( while laying in her stall she also said it smells bad!!!

…When I asked if the;y could go back into the barn thru that still open gate they replied Oh No…Now that you’re here we have to run so you’ll get your cardio workout for today…plus we like to hear you swear…so do the neighbors!!!

…Then we’ll go break our way back in…that gives you something to do today besides just those same old chores…



Excuse me…What Month is This?

13708New Turtke399_295475660805696_4820602198677110055_oYesterday was working on my raging bull during the constant wet snow, sleet and rain…until my hands became too cold and I kept dropping nuts, wrenches!!!

Despite the conditions I was able to get his neck and horns on, plus found a piece I can basically cut in half making his ears…I don’t mind doing things that way, just like it best when I find something in natural shape…when I put it together with other pieces it forms my desired look!

***One of Ed’s turtles from last season keeps a watch out***

With weather conditions making job options semi-limited choose to try drawing manure to see if my ‘fix’ worked…which it did, making me think may take beaters off from other spreader.

That would turn that spreader into a dump wagon of sorts to run material on corn fields if it contained dirt or stones!

Had a spreader like that in the past…worked good cleaning barnyard  or areas in pastures where did feeding during the winter!

As for the cuts on my fingers, they are doing w ell…Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes!

The elephant I mentioned vaguely is a go…think I have everything …he will be a combo of metal and wood…most likely will be in the area where our garden has been the last couple of years…

The raging bull will reside out in front of the free stall by the water fountain in the small flower bed!

The elephant meantime in the small garden area will have sunflowers planted by him. He is going to be made from a cattle trailer…on legs made from logs…so any vegetation next to him has to be big to get noticed!

Well, maybe he’ll catch people’s attention…a big white elephant in a field in upstate N.Y…not a normal sight!

The bumble bee and armadillo are waiting in the shop…the small welding on them begs for warmer weather!!!

My Farmer and Me…Responding

Happy Monday everyone!!! I am a rather superstitious person in some ways…I tell myself if Monday is a good day overall, then the rest of the week will follow!

Well, we know how far that gets ya… There always seem to be some sort of fly in the ointment…weather mostly, lately. I am just going to move on…

I thought I would answer some of the questions we have gotten lately regarding our farm and life with our menagerie of sorts…

We were asked how many animals we have milking along with how many heifers…we milk about 30-35…right now we are at 28 with 6 bred heifers coming in within the next few weeks. I believe we have 5 cows we dried off in the last 4 or 5 weeks to begin freshening the end of May.

We are also going to raise some Brahma crosses for beef…planning to keep the calves with the Moms …we have 3 heifers to freshen for this purpose and will go from there.

Among the rest of the animals we have 7 yearling heifers to breed in the next few months…5-7 weaned calves and 5 ‘baby’ ones that I still feed by hand.

As we are both 65 years old and have both had health issues in the last few years we will stay at this size. We are able to handle it okay…Ed’s art is important to him and I try to write something as often as possible…

Of course better milk prices would help, but we hope we can get through it as is. There are other ways to get by so we will see! We have gotten good at hanging in…hanging on…

I am hoping to write more on my life as a farm wife (Jon says I am a farmer, just like Ed.) It has been an adventure at times and depressing at others, just like every one’s. So hopefully you will have more insight into the Gulley’s 46+ years of farming together!

****From the time the cow photo  above was taken our cow family has increased with more Brown Swiss…and yes, we have had new babies in the house to get warmed up with mama Putz hanging close…****

If there is something special you would like to know more about let us know and we will try to inform…

My Farmer and Me…A bit of Calf News…

Ms Destiny outgrew her calf blanket just in time to pass it on to the next Swiss baby…a heifer  Ed has named Sissie I believe.

Then this morning Pokey had a bull calf I am calling Gumby…Mom is a Brown Swiss cross and was bred by Willy, our last Swiss  breeding bull.

It is a rather gloomy Sunday here, so am looking forward to some sunshine and warmer temps…perhaps later in the week!

I am trying to come up with some ideas for the blog…posts and videos. If you have anything in particular you would like us to do,  please let us know. This time of year there isn’t much going on….as everyone else is, we are awaiting the arrival of Spring weather-wise that is.

Have to get to drugstore for my meds and Ed’s Metformin…perhaps something I see or hear will become an idea for the blog…can only hope!!!

Have a great day y’all!!!