My Farmer and Me–Looking Back

Part of the Bejosh crew, taken 8 years ago. Boy, how they have grown! They are just a sample of my pride and joy: Jordan, Logan, Tucker and Kaylah (4 of our 10 sources of pride, joy and much more!)  Not bragging or anything, but they are oh, so cute!!!

We weren’t able to get to the Fair today, but through messages we learned that the kids that are showing all placed in the top 10 in their respective Showmanship classes; 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 10th. Terrific!

Another generation of cow-kids. Whew! Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday our kids were the ones hanging on the gates around the show ring, just praying their animals would behave and do well in the placings. Most of the time they did; Chad’s first calf was so spoiled she laid down while in the show ring and he was mortified! Maggie had a couple of cows that would head directly to the ring as soon as they were haltered up so she had to make sure her class was already there and ready to show. We tried to make sure we had a contestant for the best dressed calf contest and I think our other two boys were a bit embarrassed to participate after some of the ‘costumes’ the older two had come up with! Red Riding Hood comes to mind, along with a devil and angel. Fun times…

Well, kiddos, you did well today. Tomorrow and Friday will be busy for you with the Open Class Dairy Shows which you all participate in. Give it a good shot and have fun…


My Farmer and Me–Time Passes

Another Milestone: Kaylah is all grown up!

Feeling so excited, yet a bit sad, that our oldest grandchild will soon be going out into the big world on her own. She has come so far since the two photos on the left were taken, 1 with Grampy and ‘Jenny”(I believe the first Swiss she showed) and with Abbey, first animal to show.

She has always professed a passion for these animals, but she also loves them unconditionally. Her patience, diligence at completing the task at hand and being the best she can be at this ‘show thing’ is amazing. She always said she would have great Brown Swiss animals, and she has had a few great ones in her short life.

Yesterday she had the Grand Champion Swiss.(3rd photo)  Her brother showed Milking Shorthorns with her and together they did amazingly well. Jordan has a few more years to perfect his skills but has been a source of pride for us, also, with only bigger and better times to come…

Kaylah, you are an amazing young woman. The first in a line of 10 grandchildren, you have set the standard high for the rest, and I am sure each one will excel in their own way.You have chosen a path for now and it will be an amazing journey for you. No need to tell you to make us proud; you already have, over and over again! Love you, pretty girl!

Oh, the possibilities….

Vasectomy…Thank the Judge…What…

3 kiddosMade it to the fair to watch our grand kids show in the 4-H division  with great results today!!! Chad and Kate …my oldest son and his wife…along with their kids Kaylah and Jordan under their farm name, Classy Creek, did a phenomenal job! Also Maggie, with her kids Logan, Tucker and Cooper are watching our Bejosh cows and Tucker also showed in  4-H  doing an awesome job. A cousin, Erin, showed a Bejosh heifer and placed 2nd in her class..great job. In the Grand Champion for Milking Shorthorn, three of the four up for the honor had a grandchild at the halter!! (Jordan’s animal won that title and Jordan won a goodie box of items as a prize..see photo) Great sight to see.

Then after the show, was able to spend a few minutes with Betsy Foote listening to the Judge of the show, about how he enjoyed how well run the show was; also commenting on the great work ethic of the kids, right down to the little ones!!***On a personal side I would like to say :”Good Job sir, the way you handled those youngsters while I was present this afternoon was outstanding. Something I feel will help them greatly in their 4-H endeavors…and thank you for judging these kids with education in mind”.

The ‘vasectomy ‘part of the title was going to be the whole story on farmer helping farmer, up until the kids did such a great job I couldn’t not write about them!!! Ironically, the 4-H show and seeing how not only kids help and root for each other as do the families; back in the barn or bringing animals to the show ring, helping hands abound… As it is in the farm community for any situation!

Like back when my father heard that a neighboring farmer had been in the hospital; like lots of news in farming, it came via the milk truck driver!!! So  after hurrying and doing chores, we headed to their farm to see if they could use some help! Running into said hospital patient, as we arrived at their barn, my father asked if all was well; he had heard the guy had been in the hospital! His answer was  that it was just a day-thing, he had gone in for a vasectomy!!!

I noticed the pause in my father as he went on with the conversation telling them we are just up the road if they needed anything, then headed home.What we did the rest of the afternoon I can’t remember; the part I do remember is that night when we finished milking and we were both in the milk-house shutting down every thing and he was washing his hands to head to the house for supper, he turned to me and asked,”What is a vasectomy?”

Knowing exactly the terms my answer had to be in, I replied, “He got nutted!” With a simple “oh”, my father turned and headed to the house! My reaction was more a ‘WHEW’, I just had my version of the talk on sex with my father!!! Now that is a helpful day in the journey called life!!!!

Good Day For Every one!

Great day at the fair for Bejosh and our son”s farm, Classy Creek. First photo is of 3 grand children in the Milking Shorthorn class, Jordan, Tucker and Kaylah. How exciting is this for a Grammy.

Photo 2 is Tucker with Bejosh’s Nicohl. They did well, the only one in the class!

Next we have Kaylah, with her Grand Champion Classy Creek BrownSwiss.

Last, but for me the one that pulls my heart strings, is our son watching his daughter Kaylah show her Milking Shorthorn. They have worked very hard to get to this point in their showing and I believe they had Jr.,Sr. and Grand Champions in the Brown Swiss and Milking Shorthorn 4-H shows. Kaylah is off to college on Monday so this is her last 4-H show. On to bigger and better things, I am sure…so proud of them all!

My Farmer and Me–The Fair!

Fair 2016 has officially begun! Ed, Maggie and the grand kids did most of the decorating/display work this year. I did some stenciling and put in my 2cents here and there, but was so happy that Ed actually designed and constructed it. Seems like every year he has a vision in his mind of what he would like it to look like, but time just does not permit him to act on it. I believe it came together very nicely…

Today is the first day of cattle showing for the kids, and the youngest, Cooper, shows a pig..We are planning to go up as soon as chores are done and everyone is checked on, to watch some of the show. Then it will be back here for milking and chores all over again.

Good luck to everyone and most of all, have a good time!

Where is Everybody Going…

14034old deco for fair779_311523562534239_3687310039920784065_nDecorated area in fair barn from a few years ago…Never thought to take pix of this year’s yesterday, while every one was constructing! Will get some of finish product!!!

Know where my destination is…The Washington County Fair…today went up to help my little girl, Maggie, set up our display; to figure out any last minute things we may have forgotten or may need to create or put together so as to do final touch up tomorrow so. On Monday, opening day, when Henry takes our animals up,the check-in with State Vet Roger…same birthday, only 1 year earlier, Roger…can be a less rush, rush day. Years ago we tried to cramp everything into Monday!

It is also important I keep my eye on Maggie, who goes in for back surgery  next month. Isn’t it funny some people in the family have been getting surgeries while they all keep telling me how I never watch what I am doing? “GOING TO PAY FOR THAT” as I knock on the wooden table, chair, floor and walls!!! You never realize how lucky you are when you are healthy…

BUT… Where are all these other people going? Roads…shortcuts into my world…where there was never any traffic , has car after car going through the little towns to reach the Fair or other destinations and once you get to the fair it  is bumper to bumper; while 4 out of 5 houses I drive past has a realtor  or For Sale by Owner sign in the front yard…lots of them!

Since I am very into water and a major part of the area had major issues  with PFOAs found in many town and individual homeowner’s wells in the area. The desire to leave this like many other depressed areas of the country, I understand. Hopefully, these cars I’m meeting are people out looking at houses to purchase and can get the one they are looking for…plus everyone gets on the backs of our elected officials to fix those water problems.. One  major problem no one ever talks about, FRESH WATER!! Many think of underdeveloped or pollution laden countries, when considering fresh water. WRONG! Major problem right here in good old USA. Like past civilizations lets hope ours isn’t doomed because of the inability in us to prioritize water’s importance.

Ok, got off track, so back to the cars and traffic in general…where are you headed? See you at the Fair!!??

Spend a day with Me…

In a ton of conversations  lately, with both young and old alike, grumbling and groaning mixed in with “I’M bored or no one understands’, followed up by the ever present, ‘I want or I deserve’! Well, listen up. Yes it has been on the warm side with nasty storms, so lets relax and I will give you a guided tour of what my day is like…some lessons included free of charge…and together we’ll find out how to pack more fun in a day than is legal!!!

First thing every morning the traps get checked…that is mouse traps…hopefully luck is on my side cause I learned early on, when attending a small two room school in the big city…Hoosick Falls…not much more is important than a mouse or two  in your pocket!

With pockets full, we go to the parlor and greet all the dogs one by one;Minnie, Lady , Kita, Putz, Lovey and Grissom, as they get breakfast and loads of fresh water! Sometimes now or maybe later, Shivers the cat  will need some rubbin’. No, while getting ready to milk, Sadie will come in for a morning cracker and a rubdown.

Now we can milk, feed small calves in the barn, peafowl and chickens while saying good morning to whoever pokes their head into our face or pecks at a show and like clock work there will be a ‘did you see that moment’ some where.

It is our turn now, for breakfast; with Shivers and some dogs also showing up! Yes, dogs always end up getting toast. After eating, we head out to the garden to dig more potatoes to go with squash, cukes, cabbage, lots of tomatoes and the sweet corn….I see supper BLT’S loaded with tomatoes and sweet corn!

After filling up the veggie wagon I head to the field to chop corn for the cows and the bigger heifers (like we did in the video). After coming back, unloading the silage we chopped for the cows and graining them on top of the feed, I pick up one of two bucket fulls I left in piles. One goes to to bred heifers across the road and I can check them for any problems that might arise.Second bucket goes to other heifers out behind the shop and a few bulls we are raising along with Mongo and Tor. Then I go to the freezer to get ice cream for those two. On my way back out I call to them, ‘ ice cream’ which makes Mongo run his tongue around his lips as he paces the fence until I reach him so he can have his treat!!

Now, jump in the truck with a barrel of corn and a pail of grain, headed to feed the heifers up the road and then pick up a truck load of hay on the way back to feed the cows after might milking.

I have no idea what time it is, just that the sun is still up and its a little cooler with a breeze, so unloading 2 loads of hay that have been parked in the shed for over a week. Enter more of the agenda for the day…with Carol running errands and to do jobs preparing for the fair, would be a good time to run some up in the hay mow and stack some from last week. Then run some up and stack. First three rounds went well, but then on the 4th a quick moving shower came through, making it just a ‘unload it into the mow and stack later. Part of the task was completed; it is in the barn…

Where does time go?It is feeding time again along with milking. But first, BLTs and sweet corn and both of us can call it a day together after all is done.

Looking back, what’s to groan and grumble about; it sure wasn’t boring or need a rocket science degree to understand life with it’s needs not wants or deserves!! Good food, plenty of healthy work, surrounded by animal entertainment…sounds like paradise to me…

Ya know how people refer to a ticket when talking about death…you never know when your ticket will be punched…try reading the other side of that ticket;;;One way and non-refundable…reset buttons are for games…