The Conversation — Expanded to the People


As Carol has told everyone, we enjoyed lunch yesterday with Stewarts ; handshakes and cheers of thank you.
Topics ranging from the Stewarts Shops outlooks regarding the economy, expansions, upgrades; how things are at the plant ; 2015 recap thru 2016 outlook; from local to global. My feeling is it was very informative.

Many points we discussed , I feel, would have been great to get out to the general public and have their participation; such as how as a consumer or a parent do people feel that chocolate milk products in schools must be made with 1% milk. (a gov’t requirement). What if someone likes how in the new research whole milk is more beneficial than lowfat. Their  hands are tied just as the processor/producer teams are. What about the plant based beverages such as Almond milk? Is more education needed or do advertisement rules need changing so it is clear they’re very different in many aspects.

In closing, I’d like to raise a toast, this tall glass of milk, to everyone at Stewarts, my fellow farmers and all consumers who, if you haven’t been on the milk wagon (we can drink and drive) give us a try. Any questions on farming or milk are welcome at 10 Chestnut Hill Rd., Eagle Bridge, NY 12057 or email at

I want to see you happy and healthy and drinking milk and lovin’ life.

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