Blockhead Update

I still don’t quite get this attaching video thing so please just overlook it for the time-being.

This video shows what the Blockheads have been up to. For those of you who are not familiar with the on-going saga, Ed created a Blockhead from a pile of bricks that were removed from our house to accommodate the addition of an enclosed porch. Jon Katz stopped by an wanted one for himself and moved that one to his house, to his porch and then to his study.

Soon enough, other Blockheads showed up and the message they brought was that they were here to rescue the Blockhead in Jon’s study. So from time to time other ones have appeared with the same agenda. First the car, then the three wheeled vehicle, others have been caught peeking in our windows, we even have a cowboy Blockhead on a horse (or cow) who said others were on their way.

Time will tell.  There was some mention of a ‘wagon’, so can only imagine that perhaps a family of them are trekking this way in a wagon????

Will keep you updated. Now that we have moved our blog I will try to get photos/videos up from the other sight for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing this drama. Stay tuned!


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