Another Brown Swiss Boy

The latest Bejosh baby was born with no assistance to Ka-sneeze , who is a first-calf heifer. He had a low body temp and didn’t respond the way he should have as his mom was licking him off, so we dried him off with my blow dryer and moved him to the new enclosed porch to get warmed up by the woodstove.

Miss Putz and Shivers were keeping him company when I went in to check on him. I was a bit anxious because all of my started plants are in there also and I could just picture him getting up and stumbling around, scattering tomatoes and peppers all over the place! But all was well, and he was moved out to be with Goober and Peeps. He is a day younger than Goober, and is a beautiful light brown color.


  1. That picture of the new calf and your dog and cat kinda says it all regarding the atmosphere you two create in your home and farm, with each other and the animals. (And, happily, no seedlings were harmed in the making of the picture or post.) ;o]



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