Minimum Wage to Be $15/hr. March milk price $14.81/hundred wgt.

The Market Administrator Northeast Marketing Area out of Albany N.Y. sent me what I call a Dear John letter telling me that the Statistical price for March milk is $14.81, which if you read my bitch fests before, is what I call our minimum wage. As before, most farms receive  more that $14.81 with higher average milk components ( butter fat, protein, other milk solids and nonfat solids) and quality.

My dilemma now is should I go work a minimum wage job where I could get as much in 1 hr as they are going to pay me for a 100 lbs. of milk?!  Would they be willing to let me work 14 hour shifts minimum, 7 days a week and be on call 24/7/365 if there is a problem? Yeah, Sure!!! But I do it now, so shouldn’t be a big deal…

You must be shittin’ me. Not only should the government (USDA), but also the farmers and the processors should all be ashamed . If this dumb-ass had his way, I would take 9 farmers, from, perhaps,an Amish farmer milking a few cows, on up to the largest farm; then I would add a handful of processors with the Secretary of Agriculture also,maybe a 3 person panel of retailers, with one being a Mom and Pop store. I would put them all in  one room together with a jury of consumers; the mission being: in 3 days come up with a combination Pay-Management Plan that is fair and works for all of us.

We could show the world and ourselves that we really don’t need a debate and caucus, then debate to have a primary vote to debate to have a convention ( to scream and jump up and down) and then have a general election where its not really the totals that count!

Ah, hell. One cheese sandwich, glass of water; three days and we are done. TIME MANAGEMENT and cheap.

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