My Farmer and Me –Goober and Ka-choo doing well.

Goober and Ka-choo are pen-mates and both are doing very well. Goober is a tough guy and rather big boned, very sturdy. Ka-choo was born with low body temperature but has really made up for his slow start. The drink from a nipple pail for now and will be weaned to drinking from a pail without the nipple. I expect Goober will catch on to it readily, but Ka-choo will be a bit obstinate due to his breed.

Yeah, there I go picking on the Brown Swiss again, but it is a fact that they can be one of the hardest breeds to get to drink from a pail and to also eat grain. They have already been started on the grain and I have yet to see Ka-choo partake on his own from the feeder in the pen. Goober, on the other hand, helps himself!

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