Bored? Try tree-surfing.

Let me just say that this little incident happened many, many years ago. Before Carol and kids of my own!

In many a conversation these days I hear that B word (boredom)with  younger peoople today, just as they pull an electronic device out and go into a trance. Oh, boy, do I wish they were around in my teenage years; chances are they would lock me up and throw away the key>

With my brother and sister 7 and 8 years older than me, they were off to college. My father drove school bus and did custom work with some of our farm machinery, while my mother was a school teacher.  During the summer she often took courses during the day at a community college, until she retired and bought the local store. This left me with days ( when there was no field work for me to do)  to amuse myself, or should I say BE amused by all those neighbor kids who wanted to spend time on the farm.

Whatever was done while I was in charge (the responsible one) , there were ground rules. One such rule was NO chainsaw if I was going to cut down trees for firewood.Fine with me; chopping down a 12″ to 15″ tree in those days of my youth, was part of the game.

Now what made chopping down trees even more fun was my neighbor Paulie, who I had convinced to be a tree surfer. He was younger than me, easier to talk into such things. He climbed the tree up as far as he could, and as soon as I had it chopped through, he rode it as it fell to the ground, jumping and rolling away just before it hit.

Like everything, it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt! Well, Paulie got his arm stuck on impact! Broke his arm…

Knowing this might cause problems among parents, he told his mother he crashed his bike, Never telling her the truth until a conversation just days before she passed, many years later. ” I knew that damned Edward had something to do with it” was her comment. Sadly, Paulie is no longer with us either, of which I had nothing to do with. I swear.

Looking back on those years, bored we were not! Locked up in jail; probably should have been! Inventors of extreme sports, maybe! Great fun, absolutely!! Thanks Paulie, good times!


  1. Ditto to Ilse’s request – that the most current blog post be at the top? Is that feasible? Right now, it starts with the April 11th post, and one has to keep scrolling…



  2. Is there any way to have your Blog start with the most current date at the top rather than scroll from April 11 to today’s date?



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