Sunny Pastures Await!

Moving some animals around today, to a summer pasture. Some stay in a portion of it through the winter but cannot go to the upper end where Ed has been repairing the fence for them. He opened the gates yesterday and those who weathered the winter over here have already wandered up there. I waited by the trailer  with the bull and a free-marten heifer that we are putting in with the others. I lead Mamma Says over from the barn where she has been since having a very large bull calf, so hopefully she will bounce back a bit easier without having to also produce milk.

The heifers got a little rambunctious because we were here with them, so I had to stop videoing and pay attention to what they were doing, but did video a bit more of this job.


  1. Had no idea that dogs had that bad fame in Afghanistan, as the author say, calling someone "dog" starts a fight, what a cultural shock.I LOVE my puppy and I cannot imagen how someone could hurt, no to mention kill, one of them.Really interesting article showing us the cultural diference between us.



  2. What will you do with the heifer that you say most likely won’t breed? What is the reason that she won’t? You said she was a twin. Is that the reason? Just curious.



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