It’s a Girl! Daisy’s baby!

Finally, we have a baby girl! Seems like we have had nothing but bulls through the winter.

Daisy, one of our holstein milk cows, had the baby heifer early this a.m. on her own. She got a ride into the calf barn from the cow barn, in the wagon and Ms Putz played mom  and licked her off a bit more, just to be safe!  Have decided to name her DooDah as it has a ring to it (I think) and we are excited to have a heifer.

Dipped her navel and she then drank a bottle of her mother’s rich milk with all the anti-bodies, etc… that will give her a good start.

After milking her , Daisy got a shot of MuSe to give her a boost and a shot of Oxytocin which will help her expel the afterbirth that she hadn’t completely passed.

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