My Farmer and Me –Jumping Pansies; Spreading the Beauty

I so enjoy the signs of spring… well, sometimes. Most of my daffodils and tulips aren’t sending much of a springtime message but I found these pansies had jumped out of the flower bed and are spreading their beauty to the edge of the driveway!

They are one of the only flowers that made it through the snow and frost of a couple of weeks ago around here. I also have a couple of crocus that may come back enough to blossom, but I doubt it. The raspberry bushes have all started new growth so I will keep my fingers crossed, gonna leave what mulch is left on them for a while longer.

If you have read my other posts of today, you know we have been moving animals outside and some to other pastures for the summer. We had a new baby heifer, DooDah, born today; the peacocks have come down from the roof of the barn and are sticking close to the pen with their mom and dad in it, but are still free to roam if they so desire. Have been told that it is easier to have them run free if they were born on your place. They actually don’t want to leave; we got the mom and dad when they were 2 years old and when we let them out they ran (flew) off. They did come back after a few days of coaxing and are content to dwell in their enclosed pen, it appears.

Got some housework done today, along with some choc. chip cookies made, posted to the Blog, have a new baby heifer and have bright yellow pansies that weathered  the winter to spread their beauty! A good day; what more could I ask for? Well, a night off from milking would be nice, but I think not! Gotta run!!


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