Calm down and Relax?

As the days get warmer the many spring jobs seem to pile one on top of the other. Thank you God, for age and experience. Looking back to  this time of year  in years past, I’d have one tractor with plows hooked on and parked by the shop. Inside the shop the corn planter would sit with new parts it needed in a box somewhere close by. At least a half dozen welding jobs would be stacked on the welding table, and there would be a couple of Honey Locust logs I had cut out and dragged behind the shop that needed to be cut into fence posts and then sharpened. Stuck in among all this, the Farm/Junk/ Folk Art would be scattered about!

Every day and night I’d run from job to job like a chicken with it’s head cut off, until father time not only turned the mop of hair I grow every winter gray, he made me realize what is under it is more than one eye and half a brain. Every time I catch myself doing multiple jobs nowadays, my first thought is ‘think boy, think what order makes the most sense for doin’ all these different jobs!’

What I now call Old Age Farming 101 in short, means my big tractors are still at rest in the shed, the welding bench is open and ready for business, the art projects are still sketches in my notebook, except the  ones I sneak out and do (completely, I might add)when on one is looking!

Those logs though, are all split and a good share are in the ground and fences are looking pretty good. Most important is I don’t feel as if I’m on a treadmill spinning my wheels. Things are getting done!

For everyone out there, even if it is working in a garden with a tiller or putting in hundreds of acres of crops for your animals, let’s all just calm down and relax ’cause just maybe less tomatoes and other veggies at the market along with less milk and meats, just might get those who don’t understand where food comes from and how it gets to the store, a bit hungry and it might mitigate their anger toward Agriculture. You get hungry you need farms.

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