My Farmer and Me–Goodbye Winter Growth!

Finally…. My farmer has said goodbye to another winter’s growth of hair and also got the beard trimmed a bit. I was hoping to cut that back a bit too, but he says he wants to grow it some more. I did trim the sides a bit so not quite so much the ‘bush’ man as before I got the clippers running! Perhaps next will be mustache and some of the ear hair I missed. I knew I hadn ‘t married a sasquatch but the transformation through the winter was astonishing!!


  1. I don’t usually leave a comment but I have to say the MAN looks great with his new haircut. I am enjoying your blog as I spent many summers with my grandparents on their farm in Michigan in my early years. At that time farmers raised a little of every thing and had horses, cows, pigs and chickers.



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