Nellie’s Post delivery Help

Nellie delivered a Holstein/Brahma cross bull calf this morning by her self which we were not surprised by, given she has always been able to deliver with little or no problems. However, she did show some signs of ‘milk fever’ which is treated with a calcium IV in this case.

We were hoping she would lay down so we could treat her a bit easier, with a halter we would have been able to turn her head to her side as if she was looking behind her and then attach the end of the rope to her hind leg. With the head turned it is easier to get a good shot at the jugular vein with the needle usually hitting its mark the first time (the vein will protrude out better in this position).

However, Ed did fine with her standing as I stood beside her so she wouldn’t try to turn her body and pin him against the panel. One bottle did it and she walked into the barn with no problem and drank warm water and was eating when I just checked her.

Will post the calf’s picture in a bit. Have to get it off my phone and to the computer, so will do it soon.

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