Brahmas from the Past –My Farmer and ME

These two (actually 4) animals are also Brahma crosses, much like Mongo. The big gray guy is Buster, a Brown Swiss/Brahma cross, and the pretty brown girl is Sheila,  Milking Shorthorn/Brahma cross. The big black and white one on the left is Beatrice and the one on the far right is Tiger Paw. She had tiger stripes. (will try to locate a better picture.)

Buster went to the rodeo a couple of times and gave the audience a show by running back and forth in the arena and wouldn’t go out the gate where the other bulls were. People thought that was great, the bull got the best of everyone.



  1. Just a short hello and thank you from Germany. I very much enjoy your stories, pictures and videos. I grew up in Holland with cats, dogs, horses, chicken and rabbits and I wish you all the luck of the world and hope you will have the strength, good health and energy you will need to enjoy your animals and life on the farm. It is very clear to me, that you love your life. Thank you so much for sharing. With kind regards, Annet



  2. They are beautiful! Those brahma crosses can get cross…I saw four grown men trying to handle a weaning once…they were knocked butt over applecart more than once….hah!



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