Politics in Comedy or Comedy in Politics

For those of us getting longer in the tooth, remembering those giants of comedy such as Bob Hope, George Burns and the like, sort of set the longevity theme for comedy in their time; vs the Strom Thurmans or is it Kennedy brothers 1, 2 or 3 with their longevity in politics, where in some places were elected even if they were dead.

Those good safe times, USO tour ? ; they need just one more term.

Such a big change from recent years where comics use many four letter words, throw insults and go from being a good guy today to a bad guy tomorrow. You’ve had Dice Clay, came went and tried to come back again; Eddie Murphy made it to the big screen laughing between curse words, along with many others crawling to the top only to slide away. Whether by choice or not those lifetime, bright stars seem very dull at times.

It may be just me, but are our politics following a similar path, where insults abound along with a constant barrage of bull?  Makes me wish for a breath of animated fresh air — “Bevis and Butthead, where art thou?

PS. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with farming, but excuse me; just had to get it off my chest!!

One Comment

  1. I agree with you,ed,and love the flashing cow…probably the animal rights idiots would call it obscene…haha!…keep up the good work…



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