And the Answer is…..

Apologies for not getting this up yesterday. BUSY,BUSY day and interruptions galore, so the Blog got overlooked. However, the video was made in a hurry but should be entertaining to any one with a bit of humor in their soul. ENJOY!


  1. Great demo! Thanks. I’ve had a teeny bit of experience around dairy bulls, enough to see how quickly the even “gentle one” can hurt you bad. One farm I worked in had a chain that dragged on the ground from the bull’s nose ring. That trick worked for a while to prevent outright charges, but after a successful attack by the bull, the bull blinders were brought out. Even then, it was dangerous having to move that bull, even with the blinders, ring, and chain. Thank heavens he had the blinders on the time he got loose in the barn alley. The manager shipped that bull out after it cleaned up at the end of breeding season. I breathed a big sigh of relief. He was a magnificent looking bull but ultra quick and dangerous.



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