Play ball: It’s just a Game!

Best memories are farmLogan, one of our older grandchildren , has blessed us with a visit the last couple of days and while discussing her passion for sports (basketball), it was strange to hear she didn’t enjoy watching or playing baseball.

For my money listening to a baseball game on the radio with the right announcer is as close to sports and I get anymore.  Logan asked me if I played baseball in school, so to give her a proper answer we had to take a trip back to when I was her age.

First off, she had to understand that ball diamonds weren’t in most neighborhoods; instead it was a newly mowed hay field or a cow pasture where dried cow pies served as bases with a tree or a fence post as a foul pole and perhaps an old piece of machinery was a back stop.

Most teams would be lucky to have 5 to 7 players, ranging in age from 6 to 16, both girls and boys./ Much of the time there wasn’t much competition, for it was more a group of kids just having country kid fun. Everyone batted and no score was kept. No one ever got bullies and someone always rode their bike home with the little kids.

So, as I told Logan, for me to go out and play competitive baseball with that background? NO WAY! My drive was to come home after school, do chores then climb aboard a tractor and go plow, disc or even pick stones or fix fence. Some nights I didn’t return home ’til midnight or after.

Oh Joy! To be young again! And yes, I did graduate but still can’t spell . But I do know that experience has taught me that good examples have twice the value of good advice!


  1. HI Daddy…. Love to read all your stories, with how busy we were growing up I have only heard maybe 2 of them!! Keep going! I feel like I learn more about you every day. And you are so much more sentimental than I ever knew. Love you Daddy xoxo



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