Wash Hands After Handling: Say What??

red rocketYesterday wasn’t the greatest day to fix fence, constant rain and quite cold; but wee trudged on and if God’s willing and the creek don’t rise we are finishing up today.

Didn’t use all the posts I split out mainly due to taking down three sections of old fence and being able to use the posts again. Did run low on staples that you use to attach the wire to the posts with so I had Carol pick up some for me. She stopped at a  Tractor Supply on her way to an appointment and bought a 5lb box for me.

Now what I found after having used the majority of the staples has me confused. In the bottom of the box was this warning: WARNING; THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS CHEMICALS KNOWN TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO CAUSE CANCER….plus other things! WASH HANDS AFTER HANDLING!

Now wait just one minute. I have had these darned things in my mouth (really just between my lips while pounding one in; easier than digging in pocket  or reaching in bucket for another one); they have poked holes in my legs through my pockets, I’ve driven half a dozen or so into my fingers as I try to get 3 or 4 from the glob of them in the box! OUCH!

NOW at the very bottom of the box I find a 1″x 1″ piece of paper, that the state of California…Oh thank God I’m in New YOrk or does that mean those of us in the other 49 states don’t count or shouldn’t care. No, this box should have been sold in California! Wait a minute. Should I have Carol get another box to check and should she wear gloves? No, I know. Call everyone in California and tell them to dump out the boxes to get the warning first!

I got it… Come on ,Carol, we are loadin’ up the old Ford Ranger. Look out California, Jeb Clampett is comin’ back..Where’s Granny?


  1. Oh boy – I live in California (and married a ranchers son) and it is true – you have to wash your hands after doing anything here!! The grocery stores have anti-bacterial wipes with the shopping carts so you can wipe away the funk of the previous customer. I would rather eat out of a barn any day! And yes, I allow all my animals to kiss me on my face but not necessarily on the lips!!



  2. Huh? I was using some the other day but haven’t gotten to the bottom of the box yet so I guess it’s still safe to put them in my mouth. Silly!



  3. Thank Goodness you guys have a sense of humor. Honestly, nowadays you cannot do anything without getting some sort of warning that iwhatever it is you are doing will cause harm. Gosh…when I was a kid I lived on military bases. In the summer, the bases would be sprayed with DDT to keep mosquitoes, etc. under ” control” . All us kids would hear the plane overhead and race outside to dance in the DDT rain!!!!!! Well..I am crossing 71 years very soon and I am still going strong. Oh…pulease don’t move to Cali. Thanks for the reminder to wash my hands.



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