New (er) and Old Friends come to Visit!

DSC00071Due to the fact that I have been trying to get a photo of the Swallows as they returned this year and have been unsuccessful, this photo is from last year and also this post should have been put up on Wednesday. I have to post the way Ed has written, or I have to sit in the corner in time out, so please read this as if it is 2 days ago. Thanks. Carol

Early today we had a surprise milk truck driver from Stewarts! John Greenwood was running solo, having to set aside his usual job of managing the haulers, to actually doing it himself. No Problem. It was great to have a couple of minutes to chat; and also want to say John, next time, text Carol and I’ll have all the paper work done when you get here! Hell, what are friends for?

Next, as hoped we got fences finished today. YES. That’s a rap!! While finishing up what little was left in what is called pasture 3 (real original, huh) I let the milk cows run in pasture 2 ( if you didn’t guess, they are next to each other) so Watching them running around and munching grass makes the sore hands, aching shoulders and throbbing knees, all worth it. Having the privilege of working with animals and watching their pure joy with life itself is something every one should experience. I feel it gives one a much clearer picture of the wants compared to the true needs of out world.

One last job… Put fencing tools away until next year. Our old friends showed up; the geese are on the pond showing off their babies! (5, I think). Great Day.

p.s. Carol, again. I already posted a video of the geese. Got ahead of Ed, sorry.


  1. A fond spot in my heart for barn swallows. They would swoop and dive bomb my beloved white cat, Casper, as he walked to and from the house and barn. He learned to ignore them, tail strait up, slowly walking toward me. I love John Greenwood – have been following his wonderful writing for quite a while. Nothing wrong with “Pasture 1,2 & 3” Simplifies life 🙂



  2. Ed, the worst part about the other day was not having time to visit with you and Carol. I shall return! I just posted a piece about my week. It was a hoot.



  3. I love this blog. Thank you for doing it and also for your work and dedication. It made me a bit teary eyed reading that you think your soreness is worth seeing your cows out in the pasture. Lucky cows to have such caring farmers.



  4. Love all the farm stories, no matter which order they come in. I enjoy all of your videos, too, Carol. In fact, I just love the blog!



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