My Farmer and Me –Feeding Mongo!

Our week old Brahma cross breed bull is a very strong and bull headed boy; pardon the pun. We get a good deal of enjoyment from these critters, but sometimes they are just a bit too strong for me and I have to turn them over to Ed to feed.

We had a Brahma cross heifer in with him which was a couple of days younger than Mongo, but he was being a bit rough with her so we put her in with the other heifers in the barn. They will also be coming outside for the summer when it warms up and stays warm.



  1. That was fascinating to watch. I had no idea that was the way to teach an animal to drink from a container. It’s cute, the way he always readily accepts the nipple, then submerges his mouth and nose into the milk. It’s probably a surprise when the milk goes up his nose! 🙂



  2. He is gorgeous. I looked up the breed as I did not know what they look like mature – a full breed is amazing – he is crossed with what? I assume he will be used for beef – but what a life he will have. It’s the factory farm animals I pity. Enjoy the sun and summer, little “big” guy!



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