Ask the Expert: Hey You..

ejosh Spring13147330_255511168135479_3168579627601626521_oMy nephew, Kendall dropped by this morning (here for Turkey season) for a brain storming session about our all natural spring water source. Seems he has some people showing interest enough in it to want some more information, which in turn got us discussing some different scenarios. This in turn gave me a throbbing headache; you know at my age you should only think so much in a 24 hr period and man, I racked up weeks of overtime today!

I got to tell him an old story about the spring that was told to me  years ago . The story took place at the White Creek Store sometime in the 1930’s.As the story goes, one winter day when many of the local men were gathered at the store chewing the fat, a new resident in town, who they all called ‘city slicker’ came in and was trying to fit in and make small talk; the locals just ignored him.

As a last resort he slammed his fist on the counter, while yelling for everyone’s attention. As the locals turned slowly to look in his direction, he began stuttering about how he hates draining the water out of his ‘automobile’ every night so it doesn’t freeze because the gentleman he bought it from told him it was do that or get a horse.

As slowly as before the locals looked back and forth at each other and then, just as if rehearsed, one at a time began: “first go straight North out of town!” one man said. Next fellow points out “then go right straight through Briggs Corners.” Another continued “stop at the bottom of the mountain!” Still another voice, “don’t go over the top of Pumpkin Hook!” Then “back down at the bottom of the mountain on your right, headed north there is a spring>”

“SO What?” the city slicker asked. All together the group chimed in ” that water is always running and never freezes…..”

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