Hodge Podge of Thoughts!

1307263Rainy day7_256079724745290_4740227955472550401_oRainy days don’t make farming any easier or afford you a day off!  (My farmer and me)

Ed’s thoughts:

Thought #1  Last couple of days here in upstate N.Y. the weather forecast has called for some much needed rain. Problem is it has been a very light rain. (Not today; wrote this last night) I was always told ‘Wet May – Barn full of hay’ by the old timers! So lets raise a toast. More rain for the hay crop but not so much that we can’t plant our other crops and as always deal with what Mother Nature gives us!

Thought #2 With temperatures going up and down daily, grass is growing slow and buds on trees seem even slower making it hard to guess when the corn should be planted. Another old saying is ‘plant corn when an oak leaf is as big as a squirrel’s ear’. Wonder why they used an oak tree; must be the ‘experience’ thing ; you get the test first and the lesson later!

Thought #3 If we do get the rain and hay grows it will be ready later this month. Years ago you wanted to try to have 1st cutting done by firtst week of June. Now days, with so many farms chopping hay, they’re done 1st cutting in the middle of May and go back to planting corn after that.

Thought #4 Which all brings me to a statistic to ponder: In 2015 in the Northeast  Order I for milk: basically from Maryland to Maine per month 49% of the milk came from 6% of the number of farms. Simply put, half of our milk comes from large farms. So just asking, do we have a too big to fail in the dairy industry?

Thought #5  Better stop now, before I lose count, have to write with my other hand and besides I still have my socks on!



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