I’ll be Quiet Now: You Look!

13062877_257282784624984_4443956655616222001_oThe picture at the top of this post is from a story in the Lancaster Farming paper and since they tell me a picture is worth a thousand words, I ask everyone to look at the 3.2% on the cartons! Thank you>

Now would milk processors put that 3.2% under the words Whole Milk? That way  it is all sold in the same context. Thank you again!

1%,2%, 3%…easy peasy! Now everyone’s on the same page. Thank you and goodnight!

One Comment

  1. This strikes a chord with me. When I’m in the cooler at work the “kids” loading the trucks call it the by color. The red cap, green cap, blue cap, etc. It makes me cringe. This isn’t kindergarten. You work in a dairy, you should know your whole milk from a hole in the wall. I’ll be quiet now too?



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