My Farmer and Me — Night Watchman!

peek a boo bearWhen we checked on the dry cows tonight we discovered that Adit was freshening and seemed a bit distressed; she appeared to be fine when I put the milk cows in earlier. Ed thought she should be helped so we pulled the calf, another bull, and Adit was busy cleaning him off. I tried to do a video but the lighting was causing a poor visual (a lot of glare) so have decided to forego it this time. Will get a photo tomorrow of the babe.

Walking back from the dry cow area, we walked on the outside of the parlor to return the items we took out to help Adit, and I caught sight of the Watchman in the corner, who keeps an eye on some of the critters at night and creeps out the occasional trespasser. When we first brought him home and put him in that spot, I scared myself so many times; I would be talking to a dog or just plain preoccupied and he would catch me off guard. Silly I know, but he can be very daunting. Another one of the gang here on the farm…..


  1. I imagine that a stranger, coming upon the Watchman lurking in the shadows might turn tail and run! I know I would! He is interesting……..appears to be carved from a tree trunk. Possibly by Ed?



  2. I think that bear would scare me a few times, too. You have him in a good spot to do just that. He is very cute, though.



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