Great Job — VERY PROUD!

kaylah_1Someone who has found their inner peace is, first, a very rare find and normally found thru years and a multitude of experiences. Today, thru modern technology, I witnessed a true example of inner peace; listening and watching our son,Chad and his wife Kate’s daughter Kaylah give possibly the most riveting speeches I’ve ever heard, at the NY FFA Convention.

The raw power was inspiring, motivating and down right real to the point that tears of joy streamed down my face!! That was BLEEPIN’ AWESOME, Kaylah! It also looks like Jordan, her younger brother, is headed down the same path in his introduction of her. GREAT JOB Jordan; ‘naked’ in any story is a good thing!

It shows your time in FFA has taken you to many places, but mostly has helped Kaylah become happy and content in who she is and wants to be; something most of us search years for.


March on young lady, you are already a success…start telling those stories while I can sit back and listen! And oh, by the way, Happy Birthday!! Love you! Grampy

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