My Farmer and Me — So Blessed!

K&JYesterday will be forever etched in my mind and heart as a day when pride and love pours from Ed and I. We were both in tears by two of our grandchildren’s accomplishments in FFA.

We were unable to attend, but modern technology allowed us to be there as these two gave speeches (and an intro) that blew us away. Kaylah did not surprise with her ability to speak in front of 1400 or so people, but the content of her speeches was presented in a profound manner that just grabbed us both. This girl has an unlimited amount of possibilities ahead of her, graduating in June first of all, and then on to whatever she chooses to grab for her future. A wide array of colleges that have accepted her is only the beginning to what I am sure will be a great adventure.

Being self assured and loaded with self confidence of who she is and what she wants is a fantastic example for Jordan to learn from. He is well on his way to becoming a confident and ambitious young man. Was totally surprised with his intro for his sister, unwavering and very relaxed in giving it; Jordan did not show any shyness or lack of confidence. You have come a long way, my man, and I am sure the future holds many wonderful things for you also.  Watching you evolve into who you are is nothing short of amazing.

And to Chad and Kate: you have shown your kids that perseverance and determination can take you to some awesome places. Hard work has never hurt anyone and you are leading by being examples. Fantastic job!

For us as grandparents, this is just the beginning of all the great moments. Eight more grandkids up and coming with their own individual talents and dreams. All are amazing. This is the start of a memory book as big as can be! Love you all!


  1. Wonderful to see such lovely youth, gives one faith in the future. Grand kids are indeed a supreme gift. Congrats all around.



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