Hot Hot, Really Hot: Working in the Garden

plowsTo get the tractor out so I could start working on getting ground plowed , working on crops, a major clean up needed to be done just outside of the shop. This meant getting the torches out to cut up some of the broken metal , parts, pieces and just plain old junk that has accumulated through the winter. Some could be kept for future projects, the rest goes to scrap.

The big problem is if you put torches in my hands, someone is gonna get burned. First, I turned the torch toward myself (accidentally). WHOOPS! Pants on fire; one burned leg! Then… good, almost finished. Pick this piece up,DAMN! Hot Hot Really Hot; burned hand.

Where’s that tractor.? I am DONE>

(p.s. this is Carol: I really don’t give him permission to play with the torches, but…)

Back to Ed’s post: The temp—-still having a hard time getting out of the 50’s. Regardless, I tilled the area where we plant our garden. Every year it gets a bit bigger and our customer base grows with it. Back about 5 years, I took an old ground-driven manure spreader; put a roof on it, making it into a little roadside farm stand.

We grow tomatoes, cukes, lettuce, beans, carrots, peppers, squash, a couple different types of sweet corn,along with pumpkins and gourds. We also plant a few potatoes just for us.

There are many older people in the area that love fresh veggies but can’t manage a garden any longer and often stop here for some. I have rehabbed some items and sold them at the stand and Carol sometimes repots some of her plants or has something second hand that she may sell or just give away.

We never really put much of a price on things, it is more about the times we get to talk to people that may stop when they see one of us in the garden, usually in the evening after milking, or in the morning when we pick the fresh veggies to put out on the stand. Comparing life stories with someone then getting a thank you for your hard work is also a feel good story.



  1. Farm fresh is the best. Here in PA we have the best corn and tomato. So good I don’t eat them other times of the year. I am lucky to like in an area with tons of farms.



  2. Oh, those veggies sound appealing to me. Wish I didn’t live so far away (Texas) and could stop by to chew the fat and buy some produce from y’all.



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