Horse tradin’ 101: Lesson learned!

DSC00309 Came around the corner by the house today to find Carol talking to an elderly gentleman (our age). At first glance I knew sometime, someplace we had crossed paths but, damned , his name eluded me! So with just a wave I silently stood by as he finished his story to Carol, searching my mind for a name or something!

Well nothin’ as usual, so with a wagging finger I said, “we have met and done business before, right? Good guess on my part; he had bought a wagon from me several years ago and knew I had another one. He  was back to see if we still had it around and was it for sale?

Yes, yes and yes! seems very few things come to Bejosh on a one way ticket and any day that includes some good old dickerin’ where money comes into play is a GOOD day!

Everything starts with some bullshit slingin’ to get a feel on past satisfaction, on our dealings; point out some good things, countered by some, ‘well they should have been better’. Slap some butter on the ‘hasn’t been used for a while, been stored right here in the shed. Come up with a price, throw it against the wall and hope it sticks. Always knowing most haggles end in the middle.

Son of a—–! Too low and to make matters worse he told me he’d have gone higher and I still got to load it on a trailer when he comes back. I don’t feel too bad, he is a couple of years older and even at my age I should respect my elders… Have to tell him I have got another wagon at the other house so I can win next time…second thought, bad idea; take what I got and call it a day!

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