Rewind: our Week in Review

100_0674We started out this week preparing our garden area with a slight enlargement. Also plowed about 18 acres in three short sessions for farm crops. We plant 35 acres of corn and will seed down 15 this year with another 10 being just straight oats, to have lots of bedding and extra to cover longtime customers that use our straw for winterizing bushes and others that  use it their hunting dog’s coops in cold weather.

Was able to end my hunt for a ‘New’ old rake(for haymaking) to replace our old International 35 rake which is in need of some major work, and luckily didn’t actually break until Carol was finished with the last field of mowed hay last fall, and on her way home with it. Gear box and bearings are old. Was able to purchase a working Int 35 so have my own parts department on sight. Use newer old one and parts out older old one!

Lastly, who would have guessed that between Carol and I, she be the one to cause a stir from a post in our Blog; she wrote about how she felt about Mama Says leaving. So my added two-cents question/observation would be : no matter whether it be dairy, beef, hogs, chickens, crops, sheep, goats, rabbits or whatever, as an Ag operation, we should all be supportive of each other. Simply due to weather, location, soil type and the individuals themselves make no two farms alike, other than the products we produce. BUT if we support our fellow farmers, WE will be making farm related decisions, NOT Walmart or McDonald’s and the like. Our Blog is solely intended to inform on how we farm here at Bejosh and let people know how Ag in general needs our consumer’s help to make our economic outlook brighter.

As in any way of life, be it doctor, lawyer or candlestick maker, there is most likely bad apples. My hope is we in Ag can weed our’s out with help from an informed customer base and not with a mandate from a chain store giant pleasing the uninformed.

Final thought to ponder. I Train my dogs to stay out of the road for their protection without a cage, leash or fencing. My other animals, cows etc… have always needed those options for themselves.


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