Thinking Out Loud –Anybody Out There?

minimum wageThe following hodge podge is just me talking to myself on t\what I see in  dairy farming’s future. Read on,  or should I say, listen in if you’d like…

With the stats reported for the year 2015, my crystal ball (ok, 8-ball ) says OH NO! On just 6% of the farms in the northeast 49% of the milk was produced. Processors now, in early 2016 are DUMPING milk! Why, when 1 in 7 people deal with hunger and countless thousands of kids go to be hungry every night, not knowing where their next meal is coming from!! “Oxi moron) I would say!!!

MY memory is still fresh with ‘busted housing bubble’…, too big to fail banks! If processors are dumping milk no new young people will be coming into the business. Lawsuits against price fixing in the milk market in progress currently.

Did not Congress hold hearings on possible monopoly by National Football League? Say What??   Let’s see worried over billionaires and a game or kids and parents need to eat.. politics in a nutshell.

Let’s put our eggs in one basket: have inmates run the asylum point at someone over there  while we kick that farmer who is down and as we all know, he’ll get up, borrow more money, work harder and produce more! Great idea, huh? Just saying, but maybe a milk management plan can’t say the ‘q ‘ word that freaks every one out. Yes, they do more than play hockey in Canada! Couldn’t be the farmers are part of the problem. Shake that 8-ball , you are on thin ice!

Uh Oh, another Canada reference. Well me, myself and I have likely pissed em off now; the sports fan, the processor politicians,even fellow farmers, might just endupu in Canada… darn…can’t skate and hate the cold!

One Comment

  1. I guess I am just ignorant, but why are processors dumping milk? And is there anything we consumers can do about it?



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