My Farmer and Me: Thoughts and Comments Appreciated!

Thumb's upJust wanting every one to know how much we appreciate your thoughts  and comments on our Blog posts.We are actually coming into one of the busiest times of the year for us (preparing land to plant) and then will be cutting and baling hay for winter feed for our animals. Want you to know that  posts may be getting shorter and/or not quite as frequent as now, due to our other responsibilities but will certainly try to keep up.

Also, whether comments are positive or agitated and negative, we do take them seriously and try to explain our view point. We also appreciate yours. We do not always reply to each comment as it can get time consuming, but do as many as we can.

We are hoping everyone has a good summer and if you are bored with nothing to do, I am sure we can find something for you to do! We have 5 large hay wagons that we usually fill first and then unload all 5 at once; they hold roughly a bit over 100 bales each so can keep you busy throwing them on the elevator to the manger or just throw them off the wagon into the smaller hay barn.  Often times the wagons are all filled on the same day, which is a good day for us. So that is what we pray for.

Wishing you all a fun filled summer season.


  1. We are in GA & raise beef cattle. My husband is on another farm about an hour away in AL doing up round bales of hay. As you know good haying is dependent on the weather, so we have to watch that closely. So far close to 200 round bales in the barn & still some to go. I enjoy your blog & relate to so much of what you write. Enjoy your photos also. Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann Cauthen



  2. Threw a lot of bales in my day…as a smart-assed teenager, thought it was funny to pack the bales end to end on the elevator…whoever was in the loft did not see the as the devil up there!….after I got a few bales thrown back at me, I learned to slow down….
    .good haying weather to you….



  3. Wishing you a healthy and productive summer. I hope the weather cooperates with you when you start cutting the hay. Look forward to all your writings.



  4. Good luck with the planting, i wish i lived closer i would love to come by the farm and ride on a tractor. I am in San Francisco and just really enjoy reading your blog, i am learning so much and appreciate knowing your point of view. Thanks, Susie



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