Evolution of Lifestyle…What I have Learned

kiss a cow.jpgWhen I was growing up here on Bejosh through the 50’s and 60’s, one’s lifestyle was never as much a topic of conversation as it seems to be in today’s world. My recollection is more to the idea if you likes the outdoors you leaned toward logger, carpenter or in my case, farmer as your vocation; and in that occupation you could do all those other outdoor jobs, too. That was your way of life.

Only stumbling block in dairy farming — cows must be milked EVERY day…morning and night! As a farm boy you knew this. It was part of this life. Footnote example: I love to brag about my brother who, after a short 4 year teaching career, went back to farming where he did not miss a milking for 35 years. Impressive!

After marriage in the early 70’s, most of the kid’s events were missed. Your wife will bear the brunt and hopefully will understand she married you AND the cows. Then in the later 70’s, freestall barns were becoming commonplace. You noticed many herds numbering in the 100’s which meant hired help and we all know who works the weekends or nights when kids have a ball game. One of the reasons I think farms have to rely so heavy on foreign workers because the guy from town probably has kids playing on the same team.

Fast forward to today…farms are still growing; many not far from me have 30 employees or more. Dinosaurs like me are rare. Is this new lifestyle (today’s farmers) better than my way of life? Who knows! Besides , the important part is are they having fun? I did.

Question being: Is now it a lifestyle  and not a way of life? Could that be part of the problem in the volatility today?

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