My Farmer and Me –Hanging in There.

Best memories are farmYes, the farm provides some of the very best memories we could have.  So many things have changed through the years, kids are little then they are grown. All the little things we tried to squeeze into our days were of major importance.

Getting hay in the summer was a great time for quick picnics  in the fields while the guys were doing the tasks of mowing, raking and baling the sweet smelling hay. When our oldest son started first grade the teacher asked the children what their very favorite  summer activity was and he answered the picnics in the field with Daddy! The teacher was very impressed and sent a note home with him saying how he explained those numerous times with his sister, baby brother and Mom and Dad. If he had the time, Ed would give him a ride on the tractor once around the field, which was also a big deal.

As the kids got older and participated more in the farm work, as did I, we seemed to have fewer picnics unless we were all working in the same field or close by. Usually meant bringing lunch to each individual and eating on the go.

I see today’s fast paced farm life with huge machinery alot of the time operated by hired help, and wonder what it would have been like for us, had we been able to grow larger in size as did many farms around here. Will never know, but having a family ball game in the front yard after night milking or late snack all together are some of the best memories I have of our hectic lifestyle.

Sure we missed alot of things due to down hay to bale, corn to chop before it dries too much or just a birth that we hadn’t planned on in the barn. But if we all look back on it now, with all of my kids having kids of their own for memory making, it really wasn’t that bad. We had 4 great kids that worked hard at this farm life for awhile growing up. Would I rather have them here with us making this life more of a family operation? Sure! We haven’t changed all that much with the bigger is better philosophy, but what we have are memories like the picnics and ballgames that say it isn’t all that bad! /circumstance has dictated that this is right for us the way it is.

I have a sign hanging on the front of the barn that says ‘grandkids welcome..leave parents  home.’ Not a chance; all are welcome any time their busy lives’ allow the time. We can make more of those memories!

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