My Farmer and Me– Answered Prayers.

Hay and plowed

Dual purpose field!

We have been working on getting land ready to be planted, plowing and discing; this field has served another purpose by growing hay to cut for the cows to fill in for our lack of silage put up last year. You see, we ran out of corn silage about 3 weeks or so ago, and being a victim of the low milk prices, we just cannot afford to buy it, with fertilizer and spray for this year’s crops a must right now.

However, a neighbor, friend and farmer who is going through alot right now in his own life (his Dad was seriously injured in a farming accident in January) showed up with a feed wagon full of silage this a.m., saying he needed to make room for his own haylage storage and needed the area where the silage was bagged for that purpose. He ran off some for the cows then left the rest in a pile for us. Now only milking 30 cows, this pile will go a few feedings.

We have been cutting grass everyday for feeding out to them throughout the day, and this has helped us out tremendously. They normally get baled hay along with silage but last year wasn’t the best of years for our own corn, so we ran short. Have been praying for something to help and our angel showed up today. Made our life a bit easier for a few days and the cows were happy. (for you non-farmers, silage is more a source of energy). Will still cut grass, just not as much for a bit.


Thank you so much Adam. You have helped out more than you know by your simple act of kindness!


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