My Farmer and Me –Geese on the ‘Grow’!

Geese on the grow!

Babies are growing like weeds!

Momma and Daddy Goose are hanging out with the 5 babies (yes, if you look hard enough, you will see all five). They let me get pretty close today which was a treat. How those little ones have grown in such a short time.  Been feeding them bread when I can so they aren’t too shy with me, and usually Shivers goes with me, but I had to reprimand him this a.m. for terrorizing a cow bird by holding it in his mouth and just standing there as proud as could be.

The poor thing’s beak was so close to his eye that I made him let it go and it flew off, thank goodness! He is determined to stalk them but his day is coming…as soon as the Barn Swallows start hatching, they will attack him, dive bombing him which he loved last year! Thinks they are playing, but oh, if he only knew about all the baby birds in the nests, his belly would be full and he would really be on my s— list; relegated to being a house cat isn’t what he would like…

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