What Happens When You Play In The Dirt!

flowers to finishUnfinished Business in the Shop! Ideas for Jon and Maria’s Open

Every planting season brings different challenges and shocks you with prices of some items bound to break when you play in the dirt(mostly gravel loaded with stones) here at Bejosh.

This spring has been no different. Remember the video about plow points/shares and my little bitchin’ about left handed versus right handed and how I prefer the left handed because they constantly tighten themselves? Well… I re-tighten and check them every day , while using a chisel to mark the threads. And? still lost one point /share on the last field at about the mid point of wear!

With luck, I try to always have one…problem being still right handed! Come to think of it I haven’t lost one in years, then talk about it on a video; guess there is something to the ‘watch what you say stuff’ after all..

Next up, a bolt broke that is at the swivel point where the plow rotates out of the ground when it hits a stone. After a once over check of all spare plow parts in the shop, lets say the cupboard was bare!! So, had Carol leave the job she was doing and go on a parts run; also sent the half which was found in the dirt with her.

On return she said that at first, she was going to ask for two so we would have one on the shelf. Well, after sticker shock of $126 for this 7 1/2″ bolt, she decided on just one at that time; a bolt, a nut(six sided), and a cotter pin. Imagine that!

Meanwhile back here at the farm, my search continued thru the shop, finding a shaft the right size to pre-fab my own bolt, which I just finished putting on when she got back. So just as I wanted, there is a brand new one on the shelf and I used my homemade one; it worked!!

Still keeping me in the repair mood, our late 1970’s four row International 00 corn planter had it’s little ‘wants’, one being a bearing in the wheel. The shaft the bearing goes on is six-sided, not the normal round. The main shaft in a John Deere baler from about the same era (#327, I think) had four such bearings on it. Just so happens, I salvaged one once, so now there are three bearings on the shelf in the shop!!

Oh yeah, I am one of those John Deere people, but it sure does help to be color -blind!!!

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  1. My husband & son have been doing hay on two different farms about an hour away from where we live. Everyday almost there is a story similar to yours – something breaking, rigging up make-do parts or a trip to a farm supply or other store to pay a huge price for what is needed! As you say “its always something” !! Today the equipment is taking a rest while they “work” about 60 plus cattle – pregnancy check, immunize, deworm, etc. So, “retirement” here is full of adventure!! Thanks for sharing your life- it helps make mine not so crazy. Mary Ann



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