My Farmer and Me–OFF AND RUNNING!

After doing the little test he does in the driveway before hitting the fields, spring planting has officially started at Bejosh. We are a bit later than normal, but I think probably everyone  in our profession probably is, simply due to the weather. If not then they certainly are off to a better start than we are.

The planter does four rows at once, so there is alot to watch for while it is running; specifically, to make sure that all four are planting evenly and making sure a hopper isn’t plugged or a plate isn’t allowing the seed to go through.

So far , so good. All looked fine when he was done and he was off to another field to do the same thing. We have 4 fields ready to plant so perhaps we will have a good day and get them all done.

Perhaps next week we will have a video of the corn poking through the ground. That always gives us a good feeling and optimism for the future.

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