Study This!


Our friends returned and updated last year’s nest

The question is “What trait do kids really need to be happy and successful?” The answer in this short, quick take I just read said it would surprise many, but it is empathy more so, than fancy degrees. With both children and adults who understand and appreciate people can collaborate, innovate, problem solve and are happier; it states studies show this. Wish they had asked me; would have gotten an answer faster and at half price!!!

They went on to talk about “selfie syndrome” along with today’s kids being more self-absorbed. This is making changes in culture and parenting styles, which in turn results in bullying, cheating and unhappiness.

Whoa! Dick Tracy solved it!! Why do we need studies to see these things plastered all over the news, front and center in our political system and filling our neighborhoods?

Has the studies thing gone far enough? Do we really need a study for the everyday obvious slamming us in the face? Every feel good story we see about some youngster doing something good for a cause tugs at everyone’s heartstrings, even this gruff old bear!

It is time to put the selfie stick down, meet with your neighbors and problem solve on how to get those crooked politicians out and get some really crooked ones in!!!

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