That Just Burns My …….

plowsEver have one of those days where you have a problem which you fix 12 times, swear you did it right every time, BUT you didn’t? Well, today was that day for me!!

Had a fuel problem in the tractor I was using. Narrowing it down to a certain area, by what the tractor was doing I proceeded to take things apart and clean inside and out, then reassemble with great success every time. UNTIL I got back to the field and within 10 minutes, here we go again!

On my what turned out to be the last trip back to the shop, I sat for a minute, trying to run all the procedure through my think skull one more time, when it hit me ; there was one more breakdown to what I was already breakin g down. The inexcusable brain fart.. Clears up right away. That is why I always enjoyed running equipment more than repairing!!!

All worked out as a plus, as it started to rain, so I just ran through normal routine maintenance of oil change along with all the filter changes. A double check to insure everything was A-OK for tomorrow. It was fine.

It was time for night chores and  milking. Upon finishing, still had the urge , jso back off to the shop where I am making different things for the open house at Bedlam Farm this June 25-26. This type of thing does wonders, along with writing these accounts of my day.

Well all the dogs are sprawled out on the floor with the fan going, everyone else is bed bound (grandson is here to work in garden with Grammy). But I know there is some ice cream in the freezer! It is headed toward 11 p.m. so time enough for a chow down and a nap then away we go again! You cannot legally pack this amount of fun in a 24 hr. period.

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