Rain and Warmth

1326855Pink Sky2_269758953377367_4094711876597900620_oCorn is popping up almost as fast as it gets put in the ground with the good warm weather and every other day rains. Hay looks lots better than earlier in May! Many farms that chop hay have covered ground fast the last couple of weeks.

Baled hay is slow due to rains. It is amazing what the combination of rain and good hot weather can do. Grass goes from ankle high to knee high over night.!

Leaves on trees become full, weeds in a flower bed or garden can take over, all with that correct dose of water and warmth.

All just in time for June “Dairy Month”, so let’s all toast with a jug of milk, a piece of cheese or if you prefer, some yogurt, followed by a bowl of your favorite ice cream. (If you are in the area, our milk goes to Stewarts) Then go and find a dairy farmer to give a BIG HUG !! Making us all happy and healthy!!

One Comment

  1. I’ll have to give you guys virtual hugs and think of you every time I use Milk on my cereal or pour it in my coffee this month. Happy Dairy Month to you.



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