Graduation…Corn Is All In And Up!!

PaperThe corn planter is cleaned… oiled and greased and put back in it’s spot in the storage shed. That means it was out for one week and working! Kinda tells ya why I’m still using a planter  that is almost 40 years old! It may not be planting the 250 acres we used to put in when it was new (38 years ago) but it is like me; old but not dead yet!

Wednesday night we attended the FFA Banquet for the Greenwich chapter. Good Stuff….. They are one great and very talented bunch of young men and women, with excellent teachers. I give it a 5 cow rating! Farm on, FFAers!!!!

Also, for everyone graduating later this month or just moving on to the next grade; GOOD JOB!

One quick school story for ya! When I was going into my senior year the guidance counselor informed me that , for college, I’d best take typing. At that time in my life I had this very bad habit… RedMan chewing tobacco… For a substitute during school I used lollipops (just broken off the stick). My typing teacher was about 127 yrs old and had my sister in class before me and loved her; then she had my brother and didn’t like him much. When asked on Day 1 of typing class about the lollipop and if I was related to sweet Alice along with her useless brother…. Well, on Day 2 I was back in one of my favorite classes, study hall just before lunch!!!

Now you know the rest of the story on why I write these stories on my yellow legal pads and Carol loads them into the computer! RedMan, lollipops and my useless big brother doomed my typing career!!!


  1. Oh Eddie! Love it. I smiled when I saw that legal pad, bittersweet that it doesn’t have ‘our’ preg check list. So much love for Bejosh and all the fond memories. Pat ol’ MinMin for me please, and you and Carol give each other a hug! Indiana misses you!



  2. i agree with Nancy…this is “PRICELESS” and with Sara “Very Funny!”
    You and Carol always seem to have a very special way…makes me chuckle and sometimes brings tears to my eyes…of describing your lives on your treasured Bejosh Farm!!
    Thanks a bunch for sharing!!
    I’m so glad Jon & Maria convinced you to begin your blog!!
    hugs from Illinois,
    bev graham



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