Can You Hear Me Now?!?!


The Ears Have It! Thor has his Daddy’s Brahma Ears!

Headline: “Dairy outlook:Little improved in 2016” from the Grassroots (Farm Bureau news) we just received the other day. Disappointment is an understatement, more likely annoyed is my response.

Gentlemen, get over it; ¬†diversification along with belt tightening are not fixing anything. We have a problem: milk prices are more like a roller coaster ride! Go ahead, pick a year; 2007 or ’09, maybe ’11, up – down-down – up, which?

It is an ‘our’ problem!! That increased capacity by processors or a yo yo of input costs won’t solve anything!

My Grandfather told my Father that things would change in his lifetime; then my Father told me. Now I refuse to tell my kids. My intention is to grow a set, keep telling it like it is, ’til someone gets pissed off enough , so that instead of as the article says that farmers can hang on thru this marathon, something gets done to change it!! Milk management plan, two milk classes (not four), hauling and advertising exchange into Dairy Farmer Health Insurance.

Dammit, let’s try something! This is foolish but it can be fixed or at least changed….

“The best gift we can bestow upon others is a good example… The best destination is not a place but a new way of looking at things…It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret”, all capsule sermons we have all heard before! And oh, didn’t I once hear “The time is now”?????

So…can you hear me now??

One Comment

  1. I would imagine all the diversification in types of milk isn’t helping: lactose free milk, low or non-fat milk, organic, almond “milk”. If only we had the choice to buy direct from the farmer and discuss growth hormones, antibiotics, raw milk versus pasteurized etc., I think we’d all be happier as consumers.



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