Brianna, Wile E and Sylvester
A recent first for Bejosh are these two little guys and their trainer, Brianna. Lovely young woman who has touched our hearts with her determination!
Received a precious comment on the Graduation Blog post from Illinois; Thank you! I also want to thank every one else for their comments. They warm the cockles of my heart PLUS it really makes me feel good, too; oops, maybe that is what the warm cockles means!
This Blog that Jon and Maria got us doing was a real leap of faith , sort of a ‘first’ which got me thinking about some other ‘firsts’ in my life. Such as losing my first dog causing my first real heartache…My first bike which I haggled the price down on, from $10 to $7.50…My first tractor accident; a rollover which I crawled away from which created my first ‘Thank you Lord.”
My first sex, not like what I was seeing in the animal world; first demotion from expert to novice…First drunken stupor I can’t remember; was funny though ’cause people still laugh about it… First cow I milked that helped to create a condition I suffer from today, Mammary Manipulation Syndrome or MMS…
First and only traffic ticket to date received when I was hailed down by a walking cop when I was driving the wrong direction on a one way street; College Age, College Town, College Stupor!!!
First business venture; taking rabbits to school in 4th grade and selling them to kids for their lunch money; became first money back guarantee when my parents found out about the program!…First new, old car was a Rambler with front seats that reclined straight back making like a huge bed on wheels… 
This all gave me first taste of reality. “You build it and they will come” is just a line in a movie! Now my first ‘the end’ in the first installment of the firsts…

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