My Farmer and Me–A Tough Week

Fall 2015/Sunflowers in all their glory!
I have always had a soft spot for Sunflowers; tall ones, short ones, big ones and smaller versions have always had a way of taking a ‘blue’ mood and putting brighter colors in to lift the sad and defeated feelings that life sometimes throws at me. I was just looking through my photos to choose one for this post and found this one which has somewhat already lifted my spirits a bit.
This past week  we lost a dear friend , Peg Andrew. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend her funeral and I have had mixed feelings about not extending our sympathy to her family. She was one of the first ‘farm’ women I met after we got married and I moved over here. I so admired this  woman and had the best time just talking with her . Her youngest daughter was my daughter’s age so we also had that in common, although she had already raised 5 other children by this time. She was what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’ as a farm woman.
Our kids had 4-H together (we were leaders for 21 years) and she was constantly helping with the projects the kids were doing, whether it be crafts, baking, gardening or helping to plan a dairy showing meeting before the local county fair. Always willing to help in any way she could. In later years we would go to ‘tax school’ together to get the low down on any new tax laws or changes specifically designed for the dairy farm income tax prep.  We could talk about most anything farm related after some 30 years of my living the life and her vast experience of a life time.

So loved that lady for being who she was. She always said it like it is and often put a humorous spin on it without really knowing it. She was special to me for being a person I could connect with in the farming community on so many levels. Like so many other people do, I just took for granted the friendship we formed regardless of the fact that we didn’t see each other as much as I would have liked. I believe she was a private person deep down, with an unshakable faith and family loyalty. I will miss you, Peggy.

And we also lost a former neighbor boy (man) in a motorcycle accident last Sunday. Larry Couch grew up with my two youngest boys. He had been away, out in California working for a few years and returned and married , had 2 fabulous little girls and loving wife. One thing about Larry that I admired was the job he had — an underwater welder. Must have been exciting, as have heard he was very good at it.

The past couple of years he returned to some land here, just up the road, with the idea of perhaps building a  house and moving back to the Crik. I loved his smile as he drove by and waved when we were feeding the cows. He lit up! You left us way too soon, your little girls and wife are torn apart; as well as your Mom, Dad and sisters. Watch out for them from above, my friend. You are missed.


  1. So sorry to read of the loss of two dear people in your life. One so tragic and sudden and the other after a long, full life.
    I do have a suggestion to you for Peg’s family. Maybe send her youngest daughter a letter telling her what her mother meant to you. Basically what you said about her here and maybe a story or two of something Peg said or did that you remember that maybe her daughter wasn’t aware Peg did for you or with you. My family received such a note after my mother’s passing and it is a treasure and much appreciated. It made us see our mother from a non relative’s perspective.
    Just an idea.
    Again, I am sorry for the loss of these two people from your life. l know you will keep their families in your prayers and always remember them fondly.



  2. Hello……I am so sorry for your loss. You speak so eloquently here of your friends and the wonderful gift of friendship they shared with you.



  3. I am sincerely sorry for loss of two wonderful people in your life. Sending sympathy and prayers all around.



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