Rainy Days and Age

1937213_985199984898940_6624463550050403636_nWas pretty much steady rain with occasional downpour mixed in for short periods of time yesterday, up until just before sunset. Then the skies cleared some, giving here and there partial rainbows! Pretty ending to a catch up on odd jobs day.

In the past, or should I say in the young man’s world of full speed ahead, I always looked at these types of days as rhythm breakers or wasted time, in my gung ho get it done mentality! Now, with experience aka age on my side, I realize as the puddles disappear in minutes, that Mother Earth right here, was very thirsty! Also that ground I had prepared that wasn’t needed for corn, I seeded down with oats, timothy, clover and brome, then rolled, got a landscaper’s touch by turning on the sprinklers! Perfect tag-team with Mother Nature.

Age will even make you notice the cows choosing to leave the barn and graze out in the pasture. They even get a nice long bath while munching on fresh, growing grass that is reaching for the much needed water!

Who said getting old sucks?? It just gives you a chance to see things differently and hopefully enjoy!!!


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