Glass Half Full — Thinking Positive

Up and Running!
Having planted the corn and finished seeding three sections, my focus is now on baling dry hay. Two years ago when Carol had open heart surgery in the spring, I made the switch to only dry hay, getting away from chopping hay similar to the way corn is made into silage… for hay it’s called haylage.  Because Carol needed the summer to recuperate, or should I say that is what the Drs told her( and she cut it back to maybe the middle of July), I became a work force of one. Also, timing isn’t quite as critical with hay, although you need usually a 3 day window of no rain with good drying conditions.  I did have help unloading the 5 wagons as usually kids and grandkids came like clockwork.
This is where the ‘you can’t get it in until you knock it down’ attitude comes in! For this past Monday, the forecast was for only a chance of showers; Wednesday thru Friday was for cool and dry. With my ‘it’s not going to rain on my parade’ I went out Monday and mowed hay…8 times around the field. Wrong!!! Even though it rained about all day on Sunday there was still plenty left which came down right after I finished and numerous times on Tuesday.
So waiting for my next brain fart to happen I got the water fountain out in front of the free stall cleaned out and running; a little different this year, I have water coming out of an old pitcher pump, instead of just running out of a hose.
Also had time to weld more bases together for the giant flowers we take to Bedlam Farm Open House on June 25&26, and I made a giant sunflower for Carol that she can paint to her liking…Happy late Mothers Day!!!
Come Wednesday morning, sky had brightened…not that I looked up…so back out with the mower to finish the field…which I did…in the RAIN! No problem they say, if it rains on freshly mowed hay, so it is fine.
Oh Look! There is the sun and a big blue sky or I mean someone just told me the sun is out in a big blue sky>>> Remember, my glass is half full and I don’t look up!

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