My Farmer and Me–Flowers are Growing

garden and hummiongbirdI have worked hard to get this many plants and flowers coming back year after year. They can be the best looking perennials that first year and then, kaput…however, this year I have sunflowers that grew from dropped seeds of last years planting and my Grandma’s Blessing rose bush is full of blossoms. Also have alot of pansies and berry bushes that are looking better than usual. Am hoping the TLC helped, but am certain it was the crazy winter, or lack of, that has made a difference.

My hummingbird is last year’s Mother’s Day gift from daughter Maggie’s family. I think is very attractive around the flowers!  I put in 10 strawberry plants and they are at a standstill, but I am sure they are just acclimating!!

I have to set out some more started cucumber plants. And put in the Dianthus out in the HUGE stump that Ed brought from the wood lot. Really neat. Have 2 actually, and perennials definitely don’t work in the small one. I have had success with the Dianthus actually coming back so maybe with a little luck, they will return to the Stump next year. Who knows?

As Ed said, we are into baling hay now, so the fun really begins. Glad we have 5 wagons so we don’t have to unload and reload in one day. Will just be glad to get it in…..

Happy summer everyone!

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