Mahonga Heila and wife Sheila…

Mahonga Heila
Seeking Companionship!
In my quest to have more relaxation and just plain good old fun, Mahonga came plodding out of the shop on Wednesday. His wife Sheila is still on the welding table to be finished as soon as I get more free time and grinding discs; have to shine her up for welding!
Finding time to relax doing things I enjoy, that are just plain fun or even funny, has become a must or, or should I say ‘number one’ on my everyday bucket list..Even though growing up my family was far from perfect, the sense of humor in the house was always there. Being prepared was a must! Not only did we badger each other but we all could laugh at ourselves. As controlling as my mother was, her sense of humor was unmatched. On a trip years after my father passed to take her to see my brother who still today, has a farm about three miles away; I noticed the car was running low on gas…After discussing the fact that I didn’t bring my wallet (never carry it), she said not to worry, there was a truckstop not too far ahead and in an hour she could make enough for gas and lunch. In her words,’a good one only takes five minutes’!!!
Now when your mother is in her 70’s and tells you this, walking home seems pretty certain! Just kidding! After about 20 minutes at the truck stop we had enough money for gas, so we continued on our way to my brother’s house, had lunch there and got home in time for chores and milking that night.
Oh Yeah!! I forgot to tell ya, we always leave money in the glove box…Gotcha!!!
Update: At the Bedlam Farm Open House coming up June 25-26 we will be unvailing our new T-shirts inspired by the Blockheads! Yes, the Blockheads who have a new video update coming out soon!!!


  1. Ed, I just got an email from Janet. She has some info about the name Mahonga Heila, here’s what she says “I so enjoy Ed Gulley’s art and sense of humor. I don’t know the cartoon that Ed’s friends watched, but “The word Monongahela is Native American in origin, meaning “falling banks”. The Monongahela tribe was also indigenous to the area prior to the settlement of the city.” It is also the name of the river.”
    Does that sound familiar?



  2. Mahonga is adorable! What is he? At first glance, I decided an armadillo, but now I’m not sure. Wish I could be at the open house to see your creations. I bet, growing up, there was never a dull moment in your household, lol.



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