My Farmer and Me–Not in the Cards! (or the pole shed either)!

Well, it was a great try anyway! Just finished the 2nd load and it is really raining steadily! Ed took the remaining 2 wagons up to put under another shed we own, as no matter how hard we tried ( our son Jess also helped with the 2nd load) Mother Nature has won yet again!

The outlook for good weather was positive on  Thursday so we forged ahead with mowing, etc…Got alot of it baled and in wagons, but other was left on the ground for today. That is a big part of farming; do I or don’t I, well yeah, it should be fine…oh hell no!  Just hope the next time the cards are dealt, they are in our favor. Could really use some wild cards!

One Comment

  1. We got gotten by the rain here in Central MA that day as well, forecast called for rain starting at 3, just had the field tedded out at 11:30 when the first drops fell…hurried to windrow it and were able to re-tedder and bale the next day, didn’t lose much color or quality, thankfully!



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