Moved…Who Me?

12524371_581866008649733_1215031512001179044_nLiving in a part of N.Y., real close to the Vermont border, along with also being in a town that borders another county, has ‘moved’ me three times in my life. While staying in the same house, it has also caused problems with many gov’t agencies EXCEPT the tax man; he has always found us!

To get the full gist of this we must go back to my teenage years. At that point in time, even though we lived in White Creek, N.Y. our address was RD#2, North Bennington, Vt.. The reason being we lived on the road the rural mail carriers from the post office in North Bennington had to use to get to a rural area in Vt. The Vt. State police along with fire and ambulance used it also; something that was actually common on the NY/VT border in our area. Problem being it must not have been common enough cause when I went to get a permit for my driver’s license, I answered RD#2 No. Benn. for my address and the lady doing the papers said, “Son…(sounded just like a line out of ‘Alice’s Restaurant’…you are in the wrong state.” At which time I had to find a map…like the 8×10 glossy photos with the arrows and the paragraph on the back… and show her I lived in the damned state of N.Y.. After one permit test and two driving tests,’yes’ someone who had been driving tractors and a pickup truck or two…only in the field as I recall… for years had to take the test twice! I needed that seeing eye dog for that one way sign…oops!!

Finally Vermont moved us back into N,Y, or was it N.Y. brought us back from VT? Either way they changed our address to Box 502, White Creek, NY; finally right town and right state!

Damn, another gorilla in the room ; our mail comes out of the post office in the next county which was ok as long as we had that little Country Store with the old fashioned Post Office, with a few boxes that some people in the little hamlet still used. When the store burned, that gorilla stood up! Now it’s like they want the whole town of White Creek to go away as if it burned with the store. Hence they moved me again…I’m beginning to feel like Forrest Gump and I may not be a smart man but this sucks…to 10 Chestnut Hill Rd., Eagle Bridge, NY.

Ok fellas, right state but wrong town and county, who’s got me in their jury duty pool! Guess I’ll have to go back and find that map…No, better idea; Carol can email them for me and I’ll tell them to google this and if that doesn’t work, they can kiss my APP. I am not moving again!

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  1. Haha….know the feeling..I live in grafton, ny…my mail comes through the post office in cropseyville, ny, which is not a town at all, but a part of brunswick, ny…how does a town get a post office when it doesn’t exist and brunswick people get their mail through troy?



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